Saturday, August 2, 2008

Walgreens - Speedstick Deal (8/3)

I found one potentially good deal at Walgreens this week.  If you buy 8 SpeedStick or Lady SpeedStick Deodorants @ 1.99 each, total = 15.92.  Use four .75 off 2 coupons from the 7/27 Smartsource.  You'll then pay 12.92 and you'll get back a $10 register reward (coupon that prints at the checkout for use on your next order).  So you'll net only 2.92 for 8 deodorants which is .37 a piece.  This does NOT include the 24/7 varieties.

You then might be able to turn around and use the $10 reward to do the deal again (if you have enough coupons) and this time only pay 2.92 and get back another $10 reward.  Sometimes Walgreens systems are set up weird and won't allow you to use the reward and get another reward back, but this one may work, we'll just have to see!


Joan said...

I just found your web site and I'm so excited to find info on being frugal in Cincy (I'm in West Chester). Thanks for all you're doing -- I'm sure I'll be back often!

chrissy said...

I don't think you can pay with a register reward and get a register reward. I have not tried this but this is what the Walgreen head office told me.

Anonymous said...

You can't use a RR generated from one deal to roll into a second transaction for the same deal. The RR will not print on the second transaction. You can use a RR from an entirely different product though & it will then generate a RR. Best bet is to have RRs from 2 different products & roll deals between RRs. For example, you would pay with RR generated from a diaper deal for shampoo & pay with the RR from the shampoo deal to pay for diapers, etc.

tiffanie said...

just curious where you're seeing that the 8 speedstick will generate a $10 RR? i looked at the online ad and didn't see it. i saw where they're advertised for $1.99 each...but didn't see anything about getting a $10 RR when you buy 8. you're the second person i saw post about this though, so i must be missing something! help! :)

Jamie said...

It's on page 16 and included in the buy 4 get $4 or buy 8 or more and get $10 deal along with Colgate, Irish Spring and Softsoap. I hope that helps!

Anonymous: Thanks for the info. I rarely make it into Walgreens, so any help is appreciated!

Shayleen Lunt said...

My Walgreens deal:
2 Special K cereal
2 Smart Source cereal
2 Nutrigrain cereal bars
2 Raisen Bran
2 Pop Tarts
That will make the total $24.
Use five of the coupons from this week's paper (I think from the P&G insert). Brings to total down to $19.
I then have a three dollar off ten dollar purchase because there is a grand opening of a new Walgreen's near my house. So now the total is $16.
This will print out a $5 coupon for my next purchase.
I'll also send it for the $10 rebate through Kellogs.
So...All of those things listed above for $1!!!