Saturday, May 31, 2008

Meijer - Deals for 6/1

Meijer is having a 10 items for $10 plus an 11th item free sale!!  Here's a list of some of the many items included in the sale.

Pepsi 2-Liters
Green Giant Veggies
Totinos Pizza Rolls
Dole Classic Iceberg Salad
Hamburger Helper
Betty Crocker Potatoes
Lenders Bagels
Rice a Roni/Pasta Roni
Meijer Salad Dressing, Croutons and Pitted Olives
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce 18oz
Chex Mix
Bisquick 20oz
Breyers Ice Cream Pints
Land o Lakes Buttery Spread
Pillsbury Grands or Golden Layers
Sunny Delight
Pop Secret
Betty Crocker Cake Mix
Dole pineapple, mandarin oranges or tropical fruit salad
McCormick seasonings
Aunt Millies Homestyle Potato Hotdog or Hamburger Buns
Hellman's Real Mayonnaise 10oz
Michelina's Entrees

There are many more included in the sale.  You can mix and match however you like.  Here's some coupons to go along with some of the items.

From you can get coupons for:
.55 off 1 Totinos pizza roll
1.00 off 2 Hamburger Helpers
1.00 off 1 Chex Mix

From the General Mills one page insert in the 5/25 paper there were coupons for:
1.00 off 2 Chex Mix, Bugles or Pop Secret
1.00 off 2 Bisquick
1.00 off 3 Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods (grands or golden layers)
1.00 off 2 Betty Crocker Baking Mixes

Click Here to get .60 off 2 Green Giant Vegetable coupons

And other assorted coupons are:
.50 off 2 Hamburger Helpers from 4/20 Smartsource
.50 off 2 Lenders Bagels
1.00 off 2 Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce form 5/11 Smartsource
.50 off 1 Chex Mix from 5/4  Smartsource
.55 off 2 Land O Lakes from 6/1 Valassis
.50 off 3 Pillsbury Grands
.25 off 1 Sunny D
.55 off 2 Dole Mandarin Oranges
.35 off 1 Aunt Millie Hotdog or Hamburger buns

Time to stock up!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

CVS - June Montly Deals

Here are the June monthly deals for CVS.  These deals will be good for the entire month of June, but once you've reached the limit, that's it!!  Here they are!

Get $3.49 ECBs back when you buy Listerine Smart Rinse 250ml for $3.49.  Use the $1 off 1 coupon from the 4/27 Valassis insert to make a dollar on this deal.  Limit 4

Get $6.99 ECB's back when you buy Oral B Crossaction Manual Toothbrushes 2pack for $6.99.  Free after ECB's.  Limit 4

Get $1.99 ECBs back when you buy CVS sheer or plastic bandages 40ct for $1.99.  Free after ECBs.  Limit 2

Get $2 ECB's when you buy Huggies Baby Lotion or Wash for $3.49.  Use the $1 off 1 coupon from the 5/18 Smartsource to pay only .49 each after ECBs.  Limit 5.

Here's just a couple ideas to make even more money on these.  Remember the 3 off 15 coupon from the Washington Post that we've been using for awhile expires on June 6th, so you may want to get your deals done before then.

Buy 5 Huggies Lotions or Washes = 17.45

Use the 3/15
Use five $1 off coupons
Pay $9.45 in cash or ECB's
Get back $10 ECBs !!  So you gain .55!!

Buy 2 Listerine Smart Rinses = 6.98
Buy 2 Oral B 2packs = 13.98
Buy 2 CVS bandages 40ct = 3.98
Total = 24.94

Use 3/15
two $1 off Listerine coupons
Pay $19.94 in cash or ECB's
Get back $24.94 in ECB's!  So you gain $5!!

These deals would be great to mix in with the weekly deals listed below here, so you can lower the out of pocket expense of the weekly deals.  So if you do all four of the weekly deals mentioned below, plus the 2 montly deals listed here, you'll pay out in cash or ECB's a total of $62.90 and get back $56.94 in ECB's.  So you only paid out $5.96 for all these products:

1 Gillette razor
2 packs of Pampers diapers
2 packs of Pampers wipes
3 bottles of Pantene products
7 packs of Duracell batteries
1 Carefree pantiliner
2 Listerine Smartrinses
2 2packs of Oral B toothbrushes
2 packs of CVS bandages 40ct
5 bottles of Huggies lotion or wash

I definitely think that's worth the $5.96!!  Thank you CVS!!!

CVS - Deals for 6/1

Here's the deals for the week of 6/1 at CVS!  It looks to be a pretty good week!

Get $4 ECBs when you buy the Gillette Phenom razor for 9.99.  Use the $4 off 1 coupon from the 6/1 P&G insert, pay only 5.99 and then get 4 ECB's back and net only 1.99.  Limit 1

Get $4 ECB's when you by Gillette Venus razor for 9.99.  Use the $2 off 1 coupon from the 6/1 5/18 Smartsource or the 6/1 P&G insert, pay only 7.99 and then get 4 ECB's back and net only 3.99.  Limit 1

Spend $20 on Pampers products and get $5 ECB's.  Jumbo packs of diapers are 7.99 and packs of wipes are 2.99.  Use the $2 off 2 coupon from the 6/1 P&G insert.  Deal ideas for this below.  Limit 1

Get $3 ECB's back when you buy 3 Pantene shampoos, conditioners or stylers for a total of $10.  Use the 1.50 off 1 coupons (there are two different ones) from the 6/1 P&G insert, pay only 5.50 and get back 3 ECB's and net only 2.50 for three bottles.  Limit 1

Spend $20 on Duracell 2.99, Charmin 4.99 or Bounty 5.99 and get $10 ECB's back.  Use .75 off 1 coupon for Duracell from the 5/18 Smartsource, the .25 off 1 for the Charmin from the 6/1 P&G insert or the .25 off 1 for the Bounty from the 6/1 P&G insert.  Deal ideas for this below also.  Limit 1

Get $5 ECB's when you spend $10 on Swiffer or Febreze products.  Prices range from 2.50 to 5.99.

Carefree 22ct pantiliners are .88.  Use this coupon here to get them for .38.

Here's some ideas for deals for this week.  Feel free to mix and match the deals to suit your needs.  If you come up with a good one, please share it with us!

Buy 1 Gillette Phenom Razor @ 9.99
Buy 2 Pampers Wipes @2.99 each = 5.98
Total = 15.97

Use 3/15 coupon
Use 1 $4 off 1 for the razor
Use 1 $2 off 2 Pampers products
Pay $6.97 in cash or ECB's
Get back 4 ECB's for the razor.

Buy 2 Pampers diaper packs @7.99 each = 15.98

Use 3/15
Use $2 off 2 for Pampers
Pay $10.98 in cash or ECB's
Get back 5 ECB's for the Pampers deal

Buy 3 Pantene products = 10.00
Buy 2 Duracell batteries @2.99 each = 5.98
Total = 15.98

Use 3/15
Use 3 $1.50 off for Pantene
Use 2 .75 off for Duracell
Pay $6.98 in cash or ECB's
Get back 3 ECB's for the Pantene

Buy 5 Duracell batteries @2.99 each = 14.95
Buy 1 Carefree pantiliner = .88
Total = 15.83

Use 3/15
Use 5 .75 off for Duracell
Use .50 off for Carefree
Pay $8.58
Get back 10 ECB's for the Duracell 

So altogether you'll pay out in cash or ECB's $33.51 and get back $22 ECB's.  So you'll be out a total of $11.51, but you'll be coming home with 1 Razor, 2 packs of diapers, 2 packs of wipes, 3 Pantene hair products, 7 packs of batteries and 1 carefree liner.  I don't think you'll be able to find a better deal for all those products!!

Kroger - Garnier Makeover Tour

We all love our Garnier Fructis!!  This seems like a fun event and maybe even a great way to score some coupons!!  You can at least get a free makeover and free samples!!   Go here to find out more!

Thanks for the tip Lura!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meijer - Trauth Ice Cream

Trauth ice cream is also half off this week at Meijer.  We got a 1.00 off coupon in a recent insert (I'm not sure which one, if you know, please leave a comment and let us know) which would make the ice cream a very good deal!  I'll post exact prices after I stop there tomorrow!

Coupons - Week of 6/1

The new coupon inserts coming out this Sunday will be pretty good.  We're getting 3 total inserts including a new Proctor & Gamble one.  Some brands included this week are:

Flintstone Vitamins
M&M's Ice Cream Treats
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
Newman's Own
California Pizza Kitchen
Gold Bond
Irish Spring
Daisy Sour Cream
Land O Lakes
Cover Girl
Old Spice
Oral B

And many more!!  I hope everyone enjoyed their coupon break, now it's time to get back to business!!

Walgreens - $10 off $30 coupon

New Walgreens coupon out!!  It's only good for Friday (5/30) but this time it's $10 off any $30 purchase!!  That's a great deal.  Let us know if you find any awesome buys while you're there!!  Click here to get your coupon!

Kroger & Meijer - Hungry-Man Dinners

There's a great coupon for Hungry-Man dinners.  Just click here and enter the sweepstakes and you'll automatically get the 1.00  off any one Hungry-Man dinner coupon.  You can print this coupon as many times as you want!!  This week these dinners are on sale at Kroger for 1.77 and with the coupon only .77!  Also at Meijer they are on sale for 2.00 and when you buy 5 of them you can get a free Duncan Hines oven ready brownie, so at Meijer,  it's $5 for five dinners and a pan of brownies!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meijer - Mrs. T's Pierogies

Mrs. T's pierogies are on sale half price at Meijer.  That means they are only 1.36!  And when you use the coupon for $1 off one Mrs. T's Quick Ones from the 3/16 Valassis insert, you can get them for only .36!!  If you can't find them, at our store they were in the frozen food case close to the frozen breads.

Target - Pampers Baby Wipes

Target has temporarily lowered the price of Pampers baby wipes to 1.99.  When you buy two of them and use the $2 off 2 coupon from the 4/6 P&G insert (this coupon expires this Saturday, so hurry!!) you can get them for only .99 a piece!!  In case your confused, here's the math:

Buy two @1.99 each = 3.98
Use $2.00 off 2 coupon = -2.00
Pay only 1.98 for two or .99 each!!

Meijer - Maxwell House

Meijer has the 11.5 oz cans of Maxwell House coffee on sale half price!!  That means they are only 1.74.  And when you use the 1.00 off 1 coupon from the 3/9 Smartsource insert, you can get them for only .74!!  That's an awesome price for coffee!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kroger - Yoplait Kids Yogurt

Yoplait kids yogurt 6packs are on sale for 2.29 this week at Kroger.  If you use the .40 off 1 coupon loaded on your Kroger plus card from and the .50 off 1 coupon from the 5/18 Smartsource (doubled to 1.00), you can get one 6pack for only .89!!  You can unfortunately only get one at this price, because you can only shortcuts coupons once,  but at Meijer, they have them on sale for 2.00 and after the .50 off 1 coupon, you can get them for 1.00!  Great time to stock up on yogurt!!

Kroger - Deals for 5/27

The new Kroger ad doesn't have a whole lot of deals, but there are a few.  All of the P&G Brand stuff that was on sale last week, is still on sale this week.  Like the Aussie and Pantene hair products, Crest toothpaste, Oral-B toothbrushes and many more.  And remember most of these products have loadable coupons for your Kroger plus card, plus paper coupons to double the savings.

Here's a few of the deals this week:

Pringles are on sale for .88.  If you use the .30 off 3 (doubled to .60) coupon from the 5/4 P&G insert, you can get three cans for 2.04 which is .68 a can.

Tennessee Pride Gravy is on sale for 1.00 this week, use the .50 off 1 Tennessee pride product from the 5/18 Valassis and when the coupon doubles, you'll get these free!!

Hormel Bacon is on sale for 2.50.  Use the .50 off 1 coupon from the 2/17 Smartsource insert,and you can get it for 1.50.

Bullfrog sunscreen is on sale 25% off and we got coupons for 1.00 off from the 5/18 Smartsource insert.  Combined, that should be a pretty good deal.

Wisk is on sale again for 3.49 and when you use the 1.50 loadable coupon and the 1.50 paper coupon from 5/18 Redplum you can get one for .49.

And Hormel Compleats are on sale again for 1.99.  Use the .75 off 1 coupon from 5/18 Smartsource to get them for .99 each.

That's all I see for now, I'll be sure and post anything else I find.  If you find something, please leave a comment and share with us!  Have a great day!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Kroger - Memorial Day deals

It looks like Kroger's ad will be running through today and then tomorrow, we should get a new one.  In the meantime, I was told about one more deal and I saw another.  Here they are.

1.  Lloyd's BBQ tubs are on sale buy one get one free.  Use the 1.00 off 1 from the 5/18 Smartsource insert to get a great deal on those.  Use 2 coupons if your store will allow and save even more!!

2.  Hormel Compleats Meals are on sale for 1.99.  Use the .75 off 1 (doubled to 1.00) coupon from the 5/18 Smartsource to get them for .99.

I'll update tomorrow with more Kroger deals!!  Have a great Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meijer - Deals for 5/25

Here's the Meijer deals for 5/25.  

KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce is on sale for 1.00, use the .50 off 1 coupon (doubled to 1.00) from the 4/13 Valassis insert to get it free!

Shedd's Spread 45 oz Tubs are on sale for $2.00 (all varieties).  Use the .55 off one with Omega + (doubled to 1.00) or the .25 off any (doubled to .50) from the 5/18 Valassis, to get them either for 1.00 or 1.50.

Yoplait Kids yogurt packs are on sale for $2.00.  Use the .50 off 1 coupon (doubled to 1.00) from the 5/18 Smartsource to get them for 1.00.

Gogurt Fizzix are on sale for $2.00.  Use the .50 off 1 coupon from the 5/11 Smartsource to get them for 1.00.

Yoplait Fiber One yogurt packs are also on sale for $2.00.  Use the 1.00 off 1 coupon from the 5/11 Smartsource to get them for 1.00

Ragu jar and pouch pasta sauces are on sale for $1.25.  Use the .50 off 2 coupon for the jars to get them for .75 each, or use the .75 off 1 for the pouches to get them for .25 each.  Both coupons from the 5/18 Valassis insert.

Heinz 57 Sauce is on sale for $3.  Use the 1.00 off 1 coupon from the 5/18 Smartsource to get them for $2.

Toaster Strudels are on sale for 1.80.  Use the .55 off 1 coupon from to get them for .80.

Meijer brand blended veggies are on sale for 1.00 off.  Use the mealbox coupon for .50 off to get them for .50.

Meijer brand frozen fries, hashbrowns, etc.. are 2.00.  Use the 1.00 off coupon from mealbox to get them for 1.00.

Meijer has their spices on sale for 33% off.  There is a coupon on mealbox for 1.00 off chili powder.  Both sale and coupon could be combined to get a good deal on those.

I'll be sure and post any new deals I find!  Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coupons - Memorial Day Weekend

I know it's a holiday weekend and everyone is probably out enjoying themselves (I will be as soon as the lawn is finished mowing!!), but I just wanted to let everyone know two things.

1. has loaded many new coupons on their site, some are really good including buy one get one free Sierra Mist that you can use tomorrow at CVS.  You can print those coupons twice.

2.  There is a rumor going around that there may be a small one page coupon insert tomorrow from General Mills.  You may want to check and see if you have time tomorrow.  I think it has about 8 coupons on it.  People in other areas of the country who receive their coupons in their Saturday paper, are reporting to have found it.  Just thought you might want to check!! 

Tomorrow morning, I'll have the Meijer deals up.  And then Monday morning, I'll try to get Kroger up.  Have a great weekend!!  Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Meijer - Ballpark Franks

Meijer has Ballpark Franks on sale buy one get two free.  If you check around the Sara Lee hotdog buns, you should be able to find a coupon for a free pack of buns when you buy two packs of the Ballpark Franks.  So when you buy three (actually only paying for one), you can get a free pack of buns to go with it!  I think the Franks are priced around 3.39.  So for that price you'll get all that food!  Plus if you buy six Franks (only paying for two), you should be able to get 3 packs of buns!!  

Kroger - Wisk

Using the loaded coupons for your Kroger plus card, can yet again get you a great deal.  On the site for Unilever coupons (see the right side of the blog, down near the store Labels,  for all 3 sites), you can load a coupon for 1.50 off any Wisk Laundry Detergent.  We also have a 1.50 off coupon from the 5/18 Redplum.  At Kroger this week, these are priced 3.49, so you'll get one for only .49!!  Great deal on laundry detergent!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meijer - Kraft Cheese

Meijer has also added Kraft shredded cheese coupons to their Meijer Mealbox website.  This week the cheese is half price or 1.67, so with the 1.00 off coupon they will only be .67!!  That's the best price I've seen on shredded cheese, so now is the time to stock up, especially since you can print as many coupons as you want!!   Remember, these cheeses freeze perfectly!!

Meijer - Chi-Chi's Salsa

Meijer is having a weekend sale through Monday (for Memorial Day) and they have Chi-Chi's salsa on sale for .99.  If you use the 1.00 off 2 coupon from the 5/18 Smartsource you can get two for .98 or .49 a piece!!  The ad says there is a limit of 6, but you can probably just split the orders up if you want more than that.  

CVS - 5/25 Deals

CVS is having a two day sale on Sunday and Monday where you can get some great deals. 

2-Day Sale Deals
Get $3 ECB's back when you buy Revlon Nail Enamel @$3.99
Use the $2 off 1 Revlon Colorstay or any Color Cosmetic Product from the 5/18 Smartsource to pay only $1.99, but get back $3 ECB's!!  Limit 3

French's Mustard on sale for .66
Use .50 off 1 from 3/9 Smartsource or click Here or Here to print .50 coupons and get the mustard for .16

Pepsi brand 2-liters are Buy one Get one free! Priced at $1.49
Use the link here for a coupon for buy one get one free 2-liters of Sierra Mist and get both free!

Deals for all week
Get $3 ECB's back when you buy $10 of Skippy, Ragu, Lipton or Hellman's products.  Skippy and Ragu is priced 2 for $3, Lipton and Hellman's is priced 2 for $6.
Use coupons from the 5/18 Redplum insert for all these products except Skippy to get some pretty good deals.  Limit 1

Get $2 ECB's back when you buy Tide 24 - 32 loads @ $5.99. 
Use the .35 off 1 from the 5/4 P&G insert.  Limit 2

Excedrin 24 ct is on sale for 1.99.
Use the coupon Here to print two $2 off coupons and get it free!

Here's a couple of deal ideas.
Buy 1 Tide = 5.99
Buy 2 Revlon Nail Enamels = 7.98
Buy 2 French's Mustards = 1.32
Total = 15.29

Use 3/15 from Washington Post
Use one .35 off 1 Tide coupon
Use two $2 off 1 coupons for Revlon
Use two .50 off 1 coupons for mustard
Pay $6.94 in ECB's or cash
Get back $8 ECB's!!

Buy 1 Revlon Nail Enamel = 3.99
Buy 8 Ragu Sauces = 12.00
Total = $15.99

Use 3/15
Use one $2 off 1 for Revlon
Use four .50 off 2 Ragu
Pay $8.99 in ECB's or cash
Get back $6 ECB's.  Net only $2.99 for 8 sauces and 1 nail polish.  That's a great deal!!

Buy 1 Tide = 5.99
Buy 2 Excedrins = 3.98
Buy 4 2-liters of Sierra Mist = 2.98 (after the 2 free ones come off)
Buy 4 French's Mustards = 2.64
Total = 15.59

Use 3/15
Use .35 off 1 for Tide
Use two $2.00 off 1 for Excedrins
Use two buy one get one free coupons for Sierra Mist (= 2.98)
Use four .50 off 1 mustard coupons
Pay $3.26 in ECB's or cash
Get back $2 ECB's.  

Walgreens - $5 off $20

Stop by Walgreens this Friday and use this coupon for $5 off any $20 order!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coupons & Kroger Plus Card Loading Site

Just a reminder that there will be no coupon inserts this week.  I know, that stinks!!  But it happens most holiday weekends.  At least our scissor hand can get a break!!  

I will still have all the next weeks deals up this weekend, so do check for that.

In the meantime, I have found a third website to load coupons on your Kroger plus card.  And the good thing about this site, is that the coupons available now, match with a lot of the ones we just got in last Sunday's paper.  There's Hellman's mayonnaise, Knorr/Lipton sides, Wishbone salad dressing, Suave products, Ragu pasta sauce, etc..  But beware, I'm finding out that somehow it seems these sites can keep track of how many total coupons are on your card and only allowing you to have 25 on at anytime.  So just be sure to pick the ones you know you're going to use soon, and then as you use them, you can add new ones on.

Click here for the new site.

CVS - Always Fresh

Check your local CVS's because yesterday I found 14ct Always fresh pads on clearance for .74 and with the .50 coupon from the 5/4 P&G they are only .24!!!  Good luck!!

Kroger - Vlasic

Kroger has the Vlasic squeeze relish for .99 and the Vlasic dill relish in a jar for 1.09.  Using the Vlasic coupon found here, you could get the squeeze relish free and the dill relish for .09.  
Remember Meijer has them for 1.00 as well, so whichever store you need to stop at, you can get some free relish!!!  

Thanks Sonya!!

Wal-Mart - Nexcare Bandages

Wal-Mart has a 35ct box of Nexcare bandages for only 1.50 and when you use the 1.00 off 1 coupon from the 4/6 Redplum insert, you can get them for only .50!  

Kroger - Oscar Meyer Deli Creations

Kroger has the Oscar Meyer Deli Creations on sale for 2.50.  If you loaded the 1.00 off one coupon from Shortcuts, you can combine that with the 1.00 off 1 from the 4/27 Smartsource to get one for only .50!!  These are really delicious and make a great lunch!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kroger - Tennessee Pride Gravy

In Sunday's paper (5/18 Valassis insert) there was a coupon for .50 off any Odom's Tennessee Pride Product.  Kroger has the packets of the sausage gravy priced at 1.19, so you could get them for .19 after the coupon doubles!!  They are found by the packages of sausage in the refrigerated case.

Kroger - Huggies

Using the other printable coupon site, Shortcuts, you can get some great deals on Huggies products this week at Kroger.  The best deal is when you buy a pack of Pull-Ups, a pack of Newborn Gentle care diapers and 1 pack of baby wipes.  You can get other deals with regular diapers, but they are a dollar or so more.  I'll show both examples below.  

For example one, you'll need to load the 2.00 off 1 Pull-ups coupon  and the 2.00 off 1 Newborn Gentle Care coupon from shortcuts.  You'll also need the 1.50 off Pull-ups coupon,the 1.00 off any Huggies diaper coupon and the .50 off any Huggies wipes coupon from the 5/18 Smartsource insert.

So you'll buy 1 Pull-up @ 9.49, 1 Newborn diaper @ 9.49 and 1 wipes @ 2.50 = 21.48
The two shortcuts coupons will automatically come off = -4.00
Use the Pull-ups coupon, the diaper coupon and the wipes coupon (doubled to 1.00) = -3.50
Plus you'll get an extra 4.00 off from the Kroger promotion.
So you'll pay only 9.98 for two packs of diapers and 1 pack of wipes.

For example two, you'll need to load the 1.00 off any Huggies diaper coupon and either the Newborn or Pull-ups coupon, plus the same coupons from the 5/18 insert.

So then you'll buy 1 regular diaper @ 9.49, 1 Newborn or Pull-up pack @ 9.49 and 1 wipes @ 2.50 = 21.48
The two shortcut coupons will come off automatically = 3.00
Use two regular diaper coupons or 1 regular diaper and 1 pull-up coupon, plus 1 wipe coupon = -3.00 or -3.50 (depending on if you choose newborn or pull-up)
-4.00 for the Kroger promotion
You'll pay either 11.48 or 10.98.  Still a great deal for two packs of diapers and 1 pack of wipes.  

These are just two examples, you can mix and match them however you chose to make the best deal for your family!!

Meijer - Vlasic Relish

This week Meijer has Vlasic relish on sale for 1.00.  If you click Here and fill in your information, you'll be entered in the instant win sweepstakes and if you win or not, ( I didn't!!), you'll get a coupon for 1.00 off any Vlasic pickle, relish or peppers.  When I hit the button to get my coupon, it automatically downloaded onto my computer in a PDF which means I can print as many as I want and they don't expire until 12/31/08!!!  With that coupon, the relish is free!!!  Enjoy!!

Kroger - Always and Tampax

Another great deal at Kroger is on Always feminine pads,  Always liners and Tampax tampons.  If you loaded up your Kroger plus card with the buy one get one free coupons for those three items, you can score some really great deals!  And if you haven't loaded them up yet, what are you waiting for??  Tonight I saved $16.97 just from 7 different loaded coupons!!  And on top of that I had regular paper coupons to match them, so I got double the savings!!  It's a great deal you should really take advantage of.  Click Here to get started!!  But on to the deal:  

All three products are priced 2.99 in the store (there are bigger packs on sale this week, but it's actually a better deal to buy the small packs unless you really need to stock up and are willing to spend about an extra dollar or so).  When you buy two of each product, the loaded coupon will automatically take one of them off, but the best part is that you can still use two regular coupons.  There are coupons for .50 off 1 Always pad, .50 off 1 Always liners and .50 off 1 Tampax tampons (all double to 1.00) from the 5/4 P&G Brandsaver insert.  

So here's the math:
Buy 2 Always feminine pads = 5.98
e-saver coupon automatically comes off = -2.99
use two .50 off 1 coupons (doubled to 1.00 each) = -2.00
pay .99 total for both, or .50 each!

The math is the same for the liners and tampons!!  

Monday, May 19, 2008

CVS - More 5/18 deals

Here's two CVS deal scenarios to get some free products!!  

Transaction #1
Buy 2 Oral-B indicator toothbrushes @ 1.99 each = 3.98
Buy 1 Garnier shampoo or conditoner = 2.99
Buy 1 Almay Intense I-color product = 6.99
Buy 1 Dial 3 pack of soap = 1.99
Total = 15.95

Use 3/15 from Washington Post (see Here to find out how to get it, scroll down to bottom of the post)
Use two .75 off 1 Oral-B toothbrush from 4/6 P&G
Use one 1.00 Garnier hair product from 5/4 Redplum
Use one 1.00 off Almay cosmetic product from 3/9 Smartsource
Use one .60 any dial bar soap multi-pack from 5/18 Smartsource

Pay 8.85 using ECB's or cash
Get back 2 ECB's (one for each toothbrush) for Oral-B, 1 ECB for Garnier, 5 ECB's for Almay and 1 ECB for Dial for a total of 9.00 ECB's back!!!

Transaction #2

Buy 3 Oral-B Indicator toothbrushes = 5.97
Buy 1 Almay Intense I-Color product = 6.99
Buy 1 Garnier shampoo or conditioner = 2.99
Total = 15.95

Use 3/15
Use 3 Oral-B coupons = 2.25
Use 1 Almay coupon = 1.00
Use 1 Garnier coupon = 1.00
Pay 8.70 in ECB's or cash
Get back 9 ECB's

This works because the limits on the deals for this week are:
Oral-B indicator toothbrush is limit 5
Garnier shampoo or conditioner is limit 2
Almay intense I-color is limit 2
Dial soap is limit 1.

Let us know if it works for you!!

Target - Lays Cracker Crisps

Target has Lays Cracker Crisps on sale for 3.00.  You can use both the 1.00 off coupon from the 5/18 Smartsource and the 1.00 of Target printable coupon found Here to get them for 1.00 a bag.  My family seems to enjoy them!!!

Note:  Most stores will allow you to use a manufacturer coupon along with a store coupon as in this case.  Just be careful, sometimes a store will issue a manufacturer coupon, but has the store logo on it.  If it says manufacturer coupon anywhere on it, that's what it is and you can only use one of those per item, but if it says store coupon or Target coupon or CVS coupon or whatever, then you can use it along with a manufacturer coupon.  Does that make sense?  

If anyone ever has questions or would like to share a deal they've found, please feel free to leave a comment.  Thanks!!

Kroger - Aussie

Aussie shampoos, conditioners and stylers are on sale this week at Kroger for 2 for $5.00.  When you buy one styler (hair spray, mousse, etc.) and one shampoo or conditioner together in one order, you can use the $2.00 off coupon from the 5/4 P&G Brandsaver insert.  But to maximize the deal, you first need to have the Buy One Get One Free Aussie shampoo or conditioner coupon loaded onto your Kroger plus card from the P&G e-saver.  If you need help with that, just click Here to find out what to do.  Then you need to buy 2 shampoos or conditioners and 2 styling products.  Here's the math:

2 shampoos or conditioners = 5.00
2 styling products = 5.00
Total = 10.00
P&G e-saver coupon automatically taken off = -2.50
Use two $2 off coupons from the insert = -4.00
Pay only $3.50 for all 4 products which comes out to just .88 a product!

Kroger - Loadable Coupons

If you haven't started loading your Kroger Plus Card with coupons, now is the time to do it!!!  There are two different sites you can visit to load coupons on your card.

The first is through Kroger and Proctor and Gamble and you can find it by clicking Here

You only have to sign up, enter your card number, then start loading coupons.  I'll share some of the great deals you can get by using those in the next few posts.

The second is through  Click Here to visit their website and add even more coupons.  Here you have a limit of 20 coupons to load at a time, so choose the ones you think you'll use the most.

The best part about both of these sites is that you'll be able to use a regular paper coupon along with the coupon on your card to make the deals even better!!!  The card loaded coupons will just automatically come off when the product is scanned in and then you can still use a regular coupon like normal.  It's great!!  

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Meijer - Stouffers

Stouffers Corner Bistro Flatbread and Panini frozen meals are half price making them 1.68. Using the 1.00 off one coupon from the 4/13 Valassis insert, they will only be .68. Great deal!!

Meijer - 5/18 Update with prices

The Edward's Pie Singles are half price and that makes them 1.25 and then when you use the .75 off 1 coupon from the 5/11 Smartsource, they're only .25.

The Ajax that is on sale Buy one get one free, is the big bottle and they are 1.99. So you'll get two for 1.99, plus you can use the .20 off 1 coupon (doubled to .40) to get two for 1.59 or if you're store will allow it, you can use two coupons and get two for 1.19.

The Lipton tea that is 20% off has many different prices but a few examples are the Lipton To Go packs for 2.31 and 2.14. The 18ct Green Teas are 2.54, the 44ct Cold Brews are 2.89 and the 24ct Ice Teas are 2.49. Using the .60 off 1 coupons from today's paper (5/18), you can get these for between 1.14 and 1.89.

I hope that helps!!

Meijer - Deals for 5/18

It's time for new deals at Meijer!! This week they have:

Edwards Pie Singles 1/2 price and we have have coupons for .75 off 1 from the 5/11 Smartsource. That should be a great deal after the coupon doubles to 1.00. I'll report the actual prices after I visit the store today.

Eggo waffles are $1.67 and using the coupon from the 4/6 Valassis insert for .55 off 1 (doubled to 1.00) you'll only pay .67!!

Kraft Bagelfuls are also $1.67 and using the the 1.00 off 1 coupon from 4/13 Smartsource, you'll pay .67 for those as well!!

Wishbone Salad Dressing is on sale for 1.33 and in today's (5/18) Valassis insert this is a coupon for .75 off 1 (doubled to 1.00) so you'll pay .33 each

Lawry's Marinades are also 1.33 this week and with coupon from today's Valassis for .50 off 1 (doubled to 1.00) you'll only pay .33 each.

Knorr/Lipton rice or pasta sides are 1.00 and there's a coupon today for .75 off 2 (doubled to 1.00) in the Valassis insert making them .50 each when you buy 2.

Lipton Tea is 20% off and today's Valassis has a couple different coupons for it. I'll check the prices on that and report it later as well.

Hellman's Mayonnaise is on sale for 2.50 and today's Valassis has a coupon for .40 off 1 (doubled to .80) so that makes them 1.70 each. There is also a coupon for 1.00 off the Hellman's with Olive Oil and I"ll check to see if they are in the sale, if so they'll be 1.50.

Bush's Grillin' Beans are on sale for 1.00, use the coupon from the 4/20 Smartsource to get them free!!

A-1 Steak sauce is on sale for 2.00 and using the 1.00 off 1 coupon from the 5/11 Smartsource it makes them 1.00 each.

Dole Fruit Bowls are on sale for 1.67 and today's Smartsource has a coupon for .75 off 2 (doubled to 1.00), so when you buy two, you'll pay 2.33.

Kraft Salad Dressing is also on sale for 1.67 and using the .75 off 2 coupon (doubled to 1.00) from the 5/11 Smartsource will also total 2.33 for two.

Smucker's Toppings are on sale for 1.00 and use the .35 off 1 (doubled to .70) from the 5/4 Valassis to get them for .30 each!

Suave Bodywash is on sale for 1.79, use the .50 off 1 (doubled to 1.00) from today's Valassis to get them for .79.

Suave Shampoo or Conditioner is on sale for 1.25. Use the .50 off 2 (doubled to 1.00) from today's Valassis, to get them for 1.50 total when you buy two.

Ajax dish soap is on sale buy one get one free. We have coupons today in the Smartsource insert for .20 off 1 (doubled to .40), I will also report the actual prices for this after shopping today.

Eckrich Smoked Sausage or Grillers is on sale Buy one get two free!!

Looks like a pretty good week at Meijer!! I'll have updates later today!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

CVS - 5/18 Preview and May monthly deals

Here's the CVS preview for the week of 5/18.

Get $1 ECB when you buy Oral B Indicator Toothbrush for 1.99
Use coupon from 4/6 P&G Brandsaver for .75 off any Oral B manual toothbrush
pay only .24
Limit 5

Get $3 ECB when you buy Gillette Venus Razor for 9.99
Use $4 off coupon from the 5/4 P&G Brandsaver
pay only 2.99
Limit 1

A great way to get both deals cheap is to:
Buy 5 Oral B toothbrushes = 9.95
Buy 1 Gillette Venus Razor = 9.99
Total = 19.94
Use 3/15 from Washington Post
Use 5 Oral B coupons = 3.75
Use $4 off coupon for razor
Pay 9.19 using ECB's or cash
Get back 8 ECB's, so only out of pocket 1.19 for 5 toothbrushes and a razor

Also Revlon Beauty Tools are on sale Buy One Get One Half Off, prices will vary, but there are usually nail clippers, tweezers, etc.. that are around or less than 2.00.

We have coupons for 1.00 off these beauty tools from he 4/6 Smartsource, the 4/13 Smartsource and this Sunday in the Smartsource. So combined with sale price and coupon, this should be free or close to free.

And if you haven't already done the May ECB deals, here's some for you to do:

Get $2.99 ECB's back when you buy Aquafresh Advanced Whitening 6oz or Extreme Clean 5.6oz. priced at 2.99. Limit 3
Use the 1.00 off any Premium Aquafresh Toothpaste coupon from 4/6 Smartsource to make a dollar on each one.

Get $4.69 ECB's back when you buy Tums QuikPak 24ct, priced at 4.69. Limit 2
Use the 1.00 off QuikPak coupon coming out this Sunday to make a dollar on each one.

Get $3.79 ECB's back when you buy CVS Non Drowsy Allergy Relief 5ct, priced at 3.79. Limit 3

Get $3.99 ECB's back when you buy Colgate 360 clean or deep clean toothbrush, priced at 3.99. Limit 5
Use the $1 off Colgate 360 toothbrush coupon from the 4/27 Smartsource to make a dollar on each one.

Split these up into $15 increments and use the 3/15 from the Washington Post to make even more money. Here's an example:

Buy 3 Aquafresh Advanced Whitening toothpastes = 8.97
Buy 2 Tums QuikPaks = 9.38
Total = 18.35
Use 3/15
Use 3 1.00 offs for the toothpaste
Use 2 1.00 off's for the Tums
Pay 10.35 using ECB's or cash
Get back 18.35 in ECB's for a gain in $8.00!!

Meijer - Countrytime Lemonade

Meijer has a great deal on Countrytime Lemonade, but hurry it only lasts until the end of Saturday. They are having a sale where if you buy one 6ct container or larger, you get two more free. Apparently one container costs 2.29. But even better is that if you buy 6 of them, you'll only pay for 2 and that equals 4.58, then you'll get a coupon for $4.00 off your next order at the register. That means you'll only net .58 for 6 cans of lemonade!! And even better is if you do it again and only pay .58 after you take off the $4 coupon, then get another coupon back!!

Thanks Crystal for the heads up there!!!

Wal-Mart - Farmland Ham

There's another great Farmland deal at Wal-Mart!!  As previously mentioned here Wal-Mart has Farmland sausage priced at 1.23 and with $1.00 off coupon it's only .23.

They also have their 16oz package of Farmland Special Select Ham Steaks priced at 2.88 and using the coupon from the 5/4 Smartsource insert for $2 off 1, you'll get them for .88.  That's a great price for a meal's worth of ham.  

So that one Farmland page in the Smartsource insert contained three coupons that equal $5 total and allow for some great deals from Wal-Mart.  That definitely makes buying that newspaper worth the .99!!!

CVS - Schick Intuition

CVS has a great deal this week on Schick Intuition Razors.  When you buy one at 9.99, you get back 6 Extra Care Bucks (ECB's) and when you use the $4 off 1 coupon from the 5/4 Redplum insert you'll get it free.  

So buy one razor at 9.99
Use $4 off 1 coupon
Pay $6 using other ECB's or cash
Get back 6 new ECB's.

Limit 1

Plus, check back tomorrow and I'll have the CVS deals for next week up!!

We were on t.v.!!!

In case you missed it...this blog was mentioned on the Don't Waste Your Money segment with John Matarese on Channel 9 news last night!!!  He also linked to it on the WCPO website!!

Here's a link to the website that has it mentioned WCPO.

If you've found us from his report, welcome!!  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find what you were looking for!!

Thank you so much Mr. Matarese!!  It means a lot to me!!!

Kroger & Wal-Mart - Bush's Grillin' Beans

Both Kroger and Wal-Mart have the new Bush's Grillin' Beans on sale for 1.25 this week.  Using the coupon from the 4/20 Smartsource insert, you can get a can of these for only .25!!  Another great thing to stock up on for the summer barbecues!!!

Kroger - Eggo

This week at Kroger you can find the Eggo waffles, pancakes, french toast, etc.. on sale buy one get one free (bogo).  The 4/6 Valassis insert had a coupon for .55 off any 1 Eggo product.  Now some stores will let you use two coupons on BOGO deals, but most will only let you use one.  However it's still a great deal with just one coupon.  

Buy 2 products (some are 2.39, some 2.59) @ 2.39 = 4.78
Subtract free product = 2.39
Subtract .55 off 1 coupon (doubled to 1.00 off) = 1.39
Divide 1.39 by 2 and each package is .70.

A great price for Eggo products!!

Wal-Mart - Old Spice Red Zone

Wal-Mart has trial sizes of Old Spice Red Zone Body wash for .97.  Using the coupon from the 4/6 P&G brandsaver insert for $2 off 2 you can get them free.  A  lot of time coupons will say that it excludes trial size, but this one does not.  I was able to get several myself.  It says "any" two old spice body wash.  These are find in the bins in the trial size area of the store.  

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kroger - Softsoap

Softsoap hand soaps are on sale at Kroger this week for 1.00.  Use the coupon from the 4/27 Smartsource insert for .35 off 1 (doubled to .70) and pay only .30 each!!  Great way to stock up on soap for the bathroom or kitchen!!!

Kroger - Quaker Quakes

This week at Kroger, Quaker Quakes are on sale for 1.00.   There is a coupon from the 4/20 Smartsource insert for 1.00 off 2, so the Rice Quakes will end up being .50 each.  

Meijer - Mealbox

Meijer has it's own coupon website called Meijer Mealbox.  Click Here to find the website.  You can find recipes, see specials and print coupons for Meijer brand products.  This week using the coupons there, you can get some pretty good deals.

Meijer brand frozen vegetables are on sale for .89 and with the mealbox coupon they are .39.

Meijer frozen french fries, hasbrowns, etc..are on sale for 2.00 and after coupon are 1.00

Meijer potato chips and tortilla chips (the large family size bag) are on sale for 2.00 and after coupon are 1.00.

These coupons don't expire until 6/7/08, so there's still a few more weeks for more things to go on sale and make great deals.  You can also print as many of them as you want.

To find the coupons click on the 'specials' button in the blue rectangular box on the main screen.

I will post the link to Meijer Mealbox on the right side of the blog in the printable coupons box, in case you need it later.  

Meijer - Jello

This week at Meijer, they have the 6-packs of Jello pudding cups on sale for 2.50.  When you buy 3 in one order, you can get a free aerosol can of Cool-Whip topping.  (This is the new aerosol kind, not the regular tub).  We have coupons from the 4/6 Smartsource insert for .50 off 1.  Now when you buy 3 in one order, only two will double to 1.00 and the third will just be .50, but you have to have 3 in the order to get the free Cool-Whip.  But what makes this deal even better, is that after you purchase that, you'll get a coupon from the register for 2.00 off your next order.  So here's the math:

Buy 3 @2.50 each = 7.50
Use 3 coupons for a total of 2.50 off
Pay 5.00
Get back 2.00 for next order

So you sort of net 3.00 for three 6-packs of pudding and a can of Cool-Whip.  Plus once you do it the first time, you can do it again and use the 2.00 coupon for the next order and only pay out 3.00 and still get another 2.00 coupon back.  

Wal-Mart - All You

Here's a few more of the deals I found in the All You Magazine found at Wal-Mart.  

1.00 off any Kotex product. (Exp 6/30/08) Wal-mart has small packs (around 14 ct) for 1.00, so these would be free.  

1.50 off Colgate Total Advanced. (Exp 8/31/08)  CVS has these on special this week with a price of 2.99 and then you get 2 ECB's back, so this would give you and overage of .51.  Limit 5.

1.00 off Sani Hands or Sani Hands for Kids (Hand sanitizing wipes). (Exp 12/31/09)  I've seen these at Wal-mart for a little under 2.00, so this would make them a little under a dollar.

1.00 off Hershey's Bliss 8.6 oz bag. (Exp 9/30/08)  Could use in conjunction with the BOGO coupon from the 5/4 Smartsource at CVS with their Hershey deal.  You can use one BOGO coupon and one 1.00 off coupon per two bags.  Plus get 5 ECB's when you spend $10.

1.00 off 2 Healthy Choice Panini. (Exp 6/30/08)  Kroger sometimes has good deals on these and usually the coupons we get in the newspaper are for 1.00 off 3 or more.

1.00 off White Cloud Supreme Napkins. (Exp 9/30/08)  (Fancy napkins you could use for parties or something).  These are found at Wal-Mart for around 1.90, so that would make them around .90.

.50 off Cheerios Snack Mix. (Exp. 8/4/08) Meijer includes them in their 10 for 10 sales frequently.  So with the coupon doubling, these would be free.

There's a total of 35 coupons in the magazine and most have them have at least 2 or 3 months until they expire.  

The issue I purchased, is not the one shown above, that one is just an example.  I got Issue 5, May 30, 2008.  It has a yellow background with pink highlights and pink, red and yellow daisies on it.  And it says Welcome Summer towards the bottom.  It says it's 1.97 on the cover, but it rings up at 1.77.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meijer - Kraft Pasta Salad

Meijer has the Kraft Pasta Salad kits on sale for 1.00 and on most of the boxes in the store there is a coupon stuck on them for .50 off 1 (which doubles to 1.00), so that makes them free.  I found plenty of them at the Meijer on Fields Ertel tonight.  I bought 8 boxes, did 4 transactions so all the coupons doubled and got them all free.  

Thanks Sonya for the heads up there, that's definitely a great deal!!!

Wal-Mart - Farmland Update, Dixie Napkins, Coupon Policy and All You

Well tonight I visited the Wal-Mart in Mason and the Wal-Mart in Lebanon and we did not find any of the Farmland bacon.  They seem to not even carry it, as there was no spot for it.  They did however have the Farmland sausage rolls and they are priced 1.23 and we have a coupon for 1.00 off, so they were only .23 a piece!!  I got 7 of them!!!  Please let me know if any of you find the bacon!!

I also found that the Dixie napkins 160ct are priced at 1.47 and we have coupons for 1.00 off from the 5/11 Valassis insert, which makes the napkins .47 a pack.

And to answer Crystal's question about the Wal-mart coupon policy.  Here is a link to the official Wal-Mart policy.  It says that they do take internet coupons.  You may want to either call the corporate office to complain that your store won't take them, or print off the policy and take it in and see if they'll allow them.  Let us know how that goes for you.  I have used internet coupons in Lebanon and Mason no problem.  

And one more Wal-Mart topic.  They have a magazine called All You and inside it are some great coupons.  The magazine costs 1.77 which seems like a lot for some coupons.  But there are some that would work even this week on deals.  They have a 1.00 off 2 Ortega product coupon in them which would work awesome with the Meijer deal found Here.  Plus, it's a dollar off coupon, so no worrying about doubling and separating the orders!!  There is also a coupon for a free Adidias deoderant which would make the CVS May monthly deal on those deoderants a money maker.  There's tons of other coupons in there, I felt it was worth the money.  I bought five of them.  They were in the front in special little cardboard stands.


It looks like it's going to be a pretty good week for coupon inserts.  That's good news because after this coming week, we'll have to wait 2 weeks for more inserts.  They don't usually put coupon inserts in the papers on weeks of holidays, so since it's Memorial Day, there won't be any in the paper on May 25th.  

There are three inserts coming this week (May 18th).

Here's some examples:
Cottonelle toilet paper, any 4 pack .25 off
Huggies bath and body product 1.00 off
Huggies diapers 1.00 off
Huggies wipes 64ct .50 off
Kraft singles selects .55 off
Mrs. Dash seasoning blend .75 off
Off insect repellent .55 off
Revlon beauty tool 1.00 off 
Ziploc bags with zipper .55 off
Bullfrog sunblock 1.00 off
Chef Boyardee cans .35 off 3
Dial soap multipack, body wash or liquid hand soap .60 off
Dole fruit bowls .75 off 2
Franks Redhot sauce .50 off
Heinz 57 sauce 1.00 off
Hershey's syrup 1.00 off 2
Motts for Tots juice .75 off
Reddi-Whip .55 off
Band-Aid any product 1.00 off
Hellmans product .50 off
Knorr side dishes .75 off 2
Meow Mix Market Select free cup
Pampers Splashers Swim Pants 1.50 off
Q-Tips 130ct .30 off
Ragu pasta sauce 1.00 off 2
Suave body wash .50 off
Whisk laundry detergent 50 oz 1.25 off

This is just a very small sampling of the many coupons offered this coming Sunday.  This is a great week to get started and a great week to grow your coupon collection.  Some coupons may be slightly different or even omitted in some newspapers.  

Walmart - Farmland Bacon

Wal-Mart has Farmland Bacon on sale for 2.50 this week, if you use the $2.00 off 1 coupon from the 5/4 Smartsource Insert, it'll only be .50 for each pack!  Great way to stock up on some yummy bacon!!!

CVS - Johnson's Baby

Anyone need a great baby shower gift?  Anyone with little kids who needs some more bath products?  Well there's a pretty good deal at CVS this week for Johnson's Bath Products.  The bottles of baby wash, baby lotion and head to toe wash are on sale for 2 for $5.  Plus the Johnson's Buddies soaps are still .99.  We have coupons for 1.00 off 1 Johnson's, or Johnson's Buddies product from the 4/27 Valassis insert.  Plus if you click Here there's several coupons to print (each can be printed twice)  and also check Here for another coupon that's good on any Johnson's product (can also be printed twice).  So with all those coupons to use, you should be able to come up with a good deal.  Here's an example:

Buy 4 lotions or washes for a total of $10.00
Buy 6 buddies soaps for a total of $5.94
Total is $15.94
Use 3/15 from Washington Post (read below for how to get this coupon)
Use 10 Johnson's coupons from any combination listed above
Pay $2.94 for all those products.  

You could split all those up as gifts and they'd make any mommy to be thrilled, or you can just stock up your own bathroom closet!!

How to get Washington Post coupon:
Click Here, then register for the free 7-day trial.  They'll then send you a confirmation email that you'll need to confirm in order to move on.  Then once your in, click on the current issue.  Take your mouse and hover it over the date, then choose 4/24/08.  Scroll down to the last page (page 128), and there you'll find the CVS 3 off 15 coupon, as well as 10 free prints coupon.  Then you can print as many as you'd like and they don't expire until June 6th.  

Kroger & Meijer - Nesquick

There's a few deals for Nesquick this week. First at Meijer, the 22oz bottles of strawberry or chocolate syrup are .70 after sale price and coupon for 1.00 off 1 from the 4/27 Smartsource Insert.

At Kroger the same syrups are .82 after sale price and coupon. Plus the 13.5 - 16oz bottles of Nesquick chocolate or strawberry milk are free after the .50 off 1 (doubled to 1.00) coupon. So enjoy some yummy flavored milk this week!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Meijer - French's Mustard

Free French's yellow or spicy brown mustard this week at Meijer when you use the .50 off 1 coupon from the 3/9 Smartsource Insert. They are on sale for $1 and the coupon doubles to $1 so that makes it free!! Just in time to stock up for the summer barbecues!!!

Meijer - Ortega

Since I may have a few new readers for this blog, I thought I'd go ahead and repeat the Ortega taco deal at Meijer. This week, 5/11 thru 5/17, all Ortega products are half off. So salsas are 1.18, taco seasonings are .34 and taco shells (12pack) are .84. If you use the .75 off 2 coupon from the 4/20 smartsource insert, which will double to $1.00 off 2, you can get some really good deals.

A few things to keep in mind when shopping at Meijer:
1: They will only double two identical coupons per order, so split up your orders if using more than 2 coupons for a particular item.
2: Their systems are set up to not allow overage with coupon use. For instance if something is on sale for .75 and you have a dollar off coupon, the register will automatically only take .75 off. So the item will be free, but no overage. So in this deal, be sure not to use the coupon just on two seasoning mixes or you'll only get .68 off instead of say you do a box of shells and a seasoning mix and then you'll get the full dollar off. Make sense? I hope so

Here's some ideas:
Buy 1 seasoning mix @ .34 and 1 box of shells @ .84 total = 1.18
use one .75 off 2 coupon (double to 1.00 off)
pay .18

Buy 1 seasoning mix @ .34 and 1 salsa @ 1.18 total = 1.52
use one .75 off 2 coupon (double to 1.00 off)
pay .52

You can certainly mix and match however you like, these are just examples. There are also many other products included in the sale including taco dinner kits and taco sauces.

Kroger - Barilla Pasta

Barilla pasta is on sale 10/10 this week, including the whole grain variety, so if you still have the .50 off 1 whole grain pasta coupon, (from the May 4th Smartsource insert) it'll be free.  For those of us who paid .25 for it, sorry, who knew they'd lower the sale price.