Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wal-Mart - Farmland Update, Dixie Napkins, Coupon Policy and All You

Well tonight I visited the Wal-Mart in Mason and the Wal-Mart in Lebanon and we did not find any of the Farmland bacon.  They seem to not even carry it, as there was no spot for it.  They did however have the Farmland sausage rolls and they are priced 1.23 and we have a coupon for 1.00 off, so they were only .23 a piece!!  I got 7 of them!!!  Please let me know if any of you find the bacon!!

I also found that the Dixie napkins 160ct are priced at 1.47 and we have coupons for 1.00 off from the 5/11 Valassis insert, which makes the napkins .47 a pack.

And to answer Crystal's question about the Wal-mart coupon policy.  Here is a link to the official Wal-Mart policy.  It says that they do take internet coupons.  You may want to either call the corporate office to complain that your store won't take them, or print off the policy and take it in and see if they'll allow them.  Let us know how that goes for you.  I have used internet coupons in Lebanon and Mason no problem.  

And one more Wal-Mart topic.  They have a magazine called All You and inside it are some great coupons.  The magazine costs 1.77 which seems like a lot for some coupons.  But there are some that would work even this week on deals.  They have a 1.00 off 2 Ortega product coupon in them which would work awesome with the Meijer deal found Here.  Plus, it's a dollar off coupon, so no worrying about doubling and separating the orders!!  There is also a coupon for a free Adidias deoderant which would make the CVS May monthly deal on those deoderants a money maker.  There's tons of other coupons in there, I felt it was worth the money.  I bought five of them.  They were in the front in special little cardboard stands.


Crys said...

Thank you Jamie!!! I am going to print the policy and keep it with me when I shop at Walmart! I appreciate you answering my question so quickly!!! You are doing fantastic at this!

Mom2samandsawyer said...

You really are doing awesome but I don't want you to get tired and stop so tell us via email what we can go and search for for you. I don't mind helping.

Don't give up TOO much of your time...honestly.

We may just have to go to walmart tonight during boys club crys.

Crys said...

Oh good idea!!! I'm there!

Char said...

My walmart wouldn't take my internet coupons either. I'll have to print the policy! Thanks!
I also can never find that bacon at our walmart either. They have the ham and the sausage, yes, but no bacon! Strange! Thanks for the heads up. I might go today and get some. :)