Monday, May 19, 2008

Kroger - Loadable Coupons

If you haven't started loading your Kroger Plus Card with coupons, now is the time to do it!!!  There are two different sites you can visit to load coupons on your card.

The first is through Kroger and Proctor and Gamble and you can find it by clicking Here

You only have to sign up, enter your card number, then start loading coupons.  I'll share some of the great deals you can get by using those in the next few posts.

The second is through  Click Here to visit their website and add even more coupons.  Here you have a limit of 20 coupons to load at a time, so choose the ones you think you'll use the most.

The best part about both of these sites is that you'll be able to use a regular paper coupon along with the coupon on your card to make the deals even better!!!  The card loaded coupons will just automatically come off when the product is scanned in and then you can still use a regular coupon like normal.  It's great!!  

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Mom2samandsawyer said...

wow so easy, thank you