Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coupons - Memorial Day Weekend

I know it's a holiday weekend and everyone is probably out enjoying themselves (I will be as soon as the lawn is finished mowing!!), but I just wanted to let everyone know two things.

1. has loaded many new coupons on their site, some are really good including buy one get one free Sierra Mist that you can use tomorrow at CVS.  You can print those coupons twice.

2.  There is a rumor going around that there may be a small one page coupon insert tomorrow from General Mills.  You may want to check and see if you have time tomorrow.  I think it has about 8 coupons on it.  People in other areas of the country who receive their coupons in their Saturday paper, are reporting to have found it.  Just thought you might want to check!! 

Tomorrow morning, I'll have the Meijer deals up.  And then Monday morning, I'll try to get Kroger up.  Have a great weekend!!  Thanks for stopping by!!


sonya said...

very cool, thank you. i will check my early morning paper and comment back here about the GM coupons and what they are. i get one delivered at 6 am.

sonya said...

did you see thta money saving mom copied off of you???