Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meijer - Mealbox

Meijer has it's own coupon website called Meijer Mealbox.  Click Here to find the website.  You can find recipes, see specials and print coupons for Meijer brand products.  This week using the coupons there, you can get some pretty good deals.

Meijer brand frozen vegetables are on sale for .89 and with the mealbox coupon they are .39.

Meijer frozen french fries, hasbrowns, etc..are on sale for 2.00 and after coupon are 1.00

Meijer potato chips and tortilla chips (the large family size bag) are on sale for 2.00 and after coupon are 1.00.

These coupons don't expire until 6/7/08, so there's still a few more weeks for more things to go on sale and make great deals.  You can also print as many of them as you want.

To find the coupons click on the 'specials' button in the blue rectangular box on the main screen.

I will post the link to Meijer Mealbox on the right side of the blog in the printable coupons box, in case you need it later.  

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your site is awesome. i have it set as my homepage,thanks