Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meijer - Chex Mix, Lean Cuisine and Land O Lakes

Here's a few more deals for Meijer:

Chex Mix is on sale for 1.25. Use the .50 off 1 coupon from the 8/10 General Mills insert to pay only .25 each! (Thanks KT!!)

Lean Cuisine meals are half price making them around 2.00 each. Use the 1.00 off 1 coupon here to pay around 1.00 for those.

And Land O Lakes butter spreads are .97. Use the .5o off 1 coupon from the 8/24 Smartsource to get them free! (Thanks Shaylene!)


Anonymous said...

the butter coupon says DND?

Jamie said...

Well it's true that it says Do Not Double, but the barcode begins with a little 5, so the registers will automatically double it. The only problem would happen if the cashier notices that it says that and manually types the coupon in. I've used a lot of coupons with DND on them and always have them double anyway. I of course, can't guarantee that they'll double, but it has been my experience that they will with no problem!

Karen said...

The Lean Cuisine coupon doesn't print for me. I have the coupon printer installed and have no problem at other sites. But for this one, when I click the button to print, it says Please Wait..." forever. :( Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jamie~! For that great Info.

Jamie said...

Unfortunately I don't have ideas. That has happened to me a lot of times as well. I just recently switched from a Mac to a PC and that has seemed to help me alot in that area, I used to get that almost every time I tried to print coupons. Now it only happens every now and then. I wish I knew how to fix it, but I just don't, sorry!!

Anonymous said...

You can also get a $1 off Chex coupon here: