Monday, August 11, 2008

Kroger - Deals for Week of 8/11

Here's the best deals I see at Cincinnati area Kroger's for the week of 8/11:

Kleenex 120ct tissues are on sale for .88. Use the .50 off 3 coupon from the 8/3 Smartsource insert to get 3 boxes for 1.64 which comes out to .64 each.

Ballpark Franks are on sale buy one get one free. Use the 1.00 off 2 coupon from the 7/27 Redplum insert to get a good deal on those.

Chef Boyardee canned pastas are on sale for 1.00. Use the .35 off 3 coupon from the 8/3 Smartsource insert to get 3 for 2.30 which is .77 a piece.

Friskies Selects Cat Food is on sale for .79. Use the buy 4 get 1 free coupon from the 8/3 Redplum insert to pay 3.16 for 5 cans which comes out to .63 each.

Keebler Chips Deluxe and Sandies Cookies are on sale for 1.88. Use the 1.00 off 2 coupon from the 8/3 Kellogg's insert to pay 2.76 for 2 which comes out to 1.38 each.

They are running a special where you get $5 off your order when you buy $20 worth of participating Nestle products. Some included products are:

Nestle cookie dough @ 2.50 each.

Nestle Morsels (baking chips) @ 2.50 each

Juicy Juice 64oz bottles @ 2.50 each

There are coupons here for all three of those products. You should be able to print those twice each.

Also in the Nestle deal:

Coffeemate Creamers @ 3.00 each. Use the .50 off 1 coupon from the 6/29 Redplum insert.

As well as other Gerber, Nestle candy, Boost and Purina Dog Chow products. A pretty good deal might be:

buy 2 Nestle cookie doughs = 5.00
buy 2 Nestle morsels = 5.00
buy 2 Juicy Juices = 5.00
buy 2 Coffeemate creamers = 6.00
Total = 21.00

use two 1.00 off 1 coupons for the cookie dough = -2.00
use two .55 off 1 coupons for the morsels = -2.00
use two 1.00 off coupons for the juice = -2.00
use two .50 off 1 coupons for the creamer = -2.00
get 5.00 off for the deal
total savings = 13.00

pay 8.00 for all of those products which comes out to 1.00 per product.

Those are the best deals I see at this point for Kroger. As always, please feel free to share any you find and I'll keep working to find more as well! Thanks!


Shayleen Lunt said...

Hi. I cannot get the link to your Nestle coupons to work. It takes me to a search page. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for keeping me updated on deals in Cincinnati!
shaylenejohnson at hotmail dot com

Jamie said...

Sorry about that, I think it's fixed now. Thanks for alerting me!!

Dr. Mom said...

Just FYI, I don't know if it was a fluke but the link that you had posted allowed me to print the coupons 10 times. You may want to give it a try.

Dr. Mom said...

Do you know if you buy $40 worth if you get 2 X $5 deducted? Or if there is a limit?

Jamie said...

dr. mom:

Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely try that! Also, the ad says you can get 3 rewards per transaction. So you can spend $60 total and get $15 back! Thanks again!

The Gobbles said...
this is the link for 1.50 off yoplait kids yogurt. Print it twice and then go to for 1.00 off 2 loaded to your kroger card. Not sure the final price, but should be cheap!

Anonymous said...

The Old El Paso taco shells are still on sale for $1 each, and there was a coupon (I think 55 cents off 2) in Sunday's paper. On the shell boxes, there's a peelie for a free taco mix when you buy two...

You end up with two boxes/bags of taco shells and the mix for $1.

I also used some of the printable coupons from the Box Tops site.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Mom,

Thanks for the heads up! I was able to print the coupons 10 times too.


amy w said...

I bought 6 juicy juice and 2 gerber fruit snacks.
= $20
used 50c/2 JJ coupons (doubled)
and $1 off 2 gerber items
so after the $5 i got
6 juicy juice and 2 gerber fruit snacks for
$1.38 per item! yay!