Friday, August 1, 2008

Meijer - Recap Week of 7/27 - 8/2

Here's the Meijer recap for the week of 7/27-8/2:

Superpretzels are half price, that makes them 1.39 each. Use the 1.00 off 2 coupon from the 5/11 Redplum insert to get two for 1.79 which is .89 each. Also, use the .75 off 1 Pretzelfils coupon to get those for .39 each.

They are running a special where when you buy $10 worth of Nabisco products, you can get $10 worth of Hanes products (up to 3 packages) free. Each package gets a maximum of 3.34 off, so if you buy 3 you end up getting 10.02 off. But if you're item is less than 3.34, you'll just lose the difference between 3.34 and the price of your item. Does that make sense? Well here's why this deal is good this week:

*Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies are on sale for 2.00.
*We got a coupon today (7/27) for .75 off 2 Nabisco cookies
*Nabisco Ritz Crackers are on sale for 2.00. Nabisco Wheat Thins and Triscuits (family size box) are on sale for 3.50.
*There's a Mealbox coupon for 1.00 off Nabisco Crackers (you can only use one coupon per transaction). (Thanks Amy!)
*There's also a coupon here for 1.00 off the Garden Harvest Crackers. (Thanks Sarah!)
*If anyone got the tearpad Kraft coupons from Meijer, you can use the free Wheat Thins coupon for this deal as well.  I used it last night.  I got three Kool-Aids's for a total of .60 and the Wheat Thins free and they counted towards my $10!  
*Hanes socks kid sizes are on sale for 2.99 and adult sizes start at 4.49.
*Hanes underwear is also on sale from 4.99 to 7.99 (you'll get 3.34 off those prices)
*Hanes undershirts are also on sale with varying prices.

I've gone twice now to get this deal and I've gotten:
5 packages of Chips Ahoy Cookies
2 boxes of Wheat Thins
1 box of Triscuits
1 package of boy socks (6ct)
1 package of girl socks (6ct)
1 package of women's socks (6ct)
1 package of girl underwear (9ct)
1 package of boy underwear (6ct)
1 package of girl undershirts -cami's (3ct)
And I paid around $17 for all of it.  And considering just the sale prices of the Hanes products equals over $25, I'm pretty happy with the savings!  And that doesn't even count the food that I got!  The food total without coupons would be 20.50, so combined that's $45.50 worth of stuff for $17!  I think I'm going to do one more run and then we'll be all set with undergarments!

AND buy $10 worth of Kelloggs get $10 off a backpack.
They didnt have any backpacks my son wanted so i didnt do the deal, but they had several backpacks for $12-13.  Kelloggs cookies are on sale this week half off, so you can really get a lot for the $10 and get a backpack!

B1G1 on Tyson IQF bags of chicken breasts.
McCain frozen potatoes, sweet potatoes fries, etc are still on sale for $1.99
Silk milk is on sale for $2.50


Sarah Halter said...

Last night I ended up getting:
- 4 more bottles of Kraft salad dressing: $6.67 minus $4 coupon from last time and 2 $1 off 2 meijer coupons = $.67
- 2 bags of the Nabisco garden harvest chips: $4 minus 2 $1 off coupons = $2
- 2 free family size boxes of Wheat Thins (with the buy 3, get them free coupons from the tearpad a few weeks ago) = $0
- 2 packages of men's socks (6ct): $9.98-6.68 = $3.30
- 1 package of men's undies (9 ct): $5.99-$3.34 = $2.65

Total spent: $8.62 + $.36 tax, plus got a $4 coupons again for next time! Essentially, for $2.67, I got all the dressing and crackers, PLUS $10 off the Hanes.

Thanks Jamie - your blog alerted me to the tearpad coupons and the Kraft deal and reminded me that I could still do the Hanes deal this week. My husband has always used Hanes socks and underwear, and was starting to run out, so this was a great way to get stocked up again! We only have 2 more bags of chex mix left, so now he has some more snacks too!

Hope things are calming down at your house now!

Jamie said...

Wow Sarah!! That's awesome! I'm so glad you were able to get those great deals!

Yes things are settling down now again! Hopefully it'll be quiet for a little while, but who knows!!

Thanks for sharing your awesome deal!