Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meijer - Deal Updates 8/3

I just wanted to update a couple of the Meijer deals for this week. I went in tonight and got these:

Deal #1

4 packages of Oreo cookies = 10.00

2 gallons of milk = 4.78

2 packages of Hanes kids socks = 6.98

1 package of Hanes kids underwear = 4.49

Total = 26.25

I used two .75 off 1 coupons for the cookies = -2.00

I got both gallons of milk free with purchase of the Oreo cookies = -4.78

I got 3.34 off each package of Hanes products = -10.02

Total Savings = 16.80

So I paid a total of 9.45 for all of that! The Oreo and milk deal is unadvertised (at least I couldn't find it in the ad), but there was a sign there in the store. You buy 2 of the listed products and get a free gallon of milk. It doesn't say what the limit is, but I know you can at least do it twice in one transaction because that's what I did.

Deal #2

I got:

5 boxes of Kellogg's Yogos = 10.00

1 Littlest Pet Shop Backpack = 8.39

Total = 18.39

I used five 1.00 off 1 coupons from the 7/13 Redplum for the Yogos = -5.00

I got the Backpack free with the deal = -8.39

Total Savings = 13.39

So I paid 5.00 for all of those!

Deal #3

I got:

3 Travel Size Colgate Advanced Toothpastes = 2.97

2 Travel Size Irish Spring Soaps = 1.96

Total = 4.93

I paid the 4.93, but then got a $5 catalina (coupon that prints at the register for use on your next order). So the travel sizes work for this deal. And you should be able to continue doing the deal, using your previously earned catalina to get the price down to 0 and get another catalina back! You'll probably want to have something else in your order to cover the .07 overage.


Kristen said...

Did you see the other deal that is working with trial sizes??

Buy any 6 Olay, pantene, crest, or always/tampax brand products and receive a $10 meijer gift card FREE at checkout

trials are working in this too!!

6 Crest Pro-health trial mouthwash $.96 each = $5.76 + $.35 tax = $6.11
= $3.89 profit

6 Crest toothpaste $.83 each = $4.98 + $.30 = $5.28
= $4.72 profit

6 Crest toothpaste $.83 each = $4.98
5 Colgate toothpaste $.99 each = $4.95
+ tax $.60 = 10.53
FREE $10 GC, $5 OYNO
= $4.47 profit

Jamie said...

Oh, no I hadn't seen that one, thanks for sharing. I'll have to check that one out later this week!! Thanks so much!! What a great find!!

Amy West said...

Wow! I have to get to Meijer again! thanks!

StephanieJ said...

Hi Jamie - I was wondering how you got the milk free? Was this a coupon that is out, or a peelie, or did I just miss it in the add?

StephanieJ said...

nevermind, apparently I can't read! Thanks for your site, it has been a huge help to me!

Amanda said...

Has anyone had any luck getting Meijer to pricematch Krogers mega event prices? At my Meijer, you get $10 off a backpack with $10 in kelloggs products. If I can get an add match, that lowers my per item price, then I can use coupons from Sunday's paper and get a bonus $10 back from Kelloggs. I'm still working on this one.

Amy said...

Today I went to meijers and was able to get a lot of stuff for only $7.28.Please come check out my blog to see how I did it.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this hint, Jamie!

I did this twice today... My boys can always use more socks and boxers, and the milk was free.

I added the L'oreal kids shampoo. They're BOGO and I had two $.75 off one coupons. Instead of paying $5.98 total for the shampoo, I paid $.70 plus tax and got two free pairs of goggles that were packaged with the shampoo!

For some reason, some scents of the shampoos are ringing up at $2.70 for the BOGO instead of $2.99 at the Fairfield store.


Amy West said...

I went yesterday and got the milk and cookies deal!

Also I bought 5 of the Irish Spring travel size body wash ( I think they were $1.12) and the deal worked. I know i spent more than $5, but my husband will use them $5.60 and $5 back. not bad IMO.

Then i got the 5 bars of Irish spring soap that were 99c. and got the $5 back too! yay!

They were all out of the colgate, and the only speed stick was the deo ( not the antipersp.) so i didnt get it.

I didnt do the Hanes deal :( they were out of all the sizes of things i wanted. I could've gotten a rain check for the free items to go back and get them, but i was afraid they wouldnt honor it.

Plus i forgot my coupon binder ( gasp!) at home!

Another deal i noticed was that Johnson's buddies products are buy 2 get 1 free. The picture includes the buddy bars. I forgot to check Meijer's price on these but at CVS they are usualyl 99c and there are TONS of coupons out there for $2 off 2 and $1 off 1.
( couldnt try it w/o my coupons! )

Didnt do the kellogg deal either. My son is dead set on a Cars back pack and all they had was Diego. (sigh)