Friday, August 1, 2008

Kroger - Recap Week of 7/28 - 8/3

Here's the Cincinnati area Kroger recap for the week of 7/28-8/3:

The Mega Event is going on another week. You can click here to see the enormous list of items included as well as coupons to go with them. Here's a few new deals to note:

Softsoap handsoap is priced at 1.50, then if included in the mega event (buy 10 get $5 off your order), they'll be 1.00. Use the .35 off 1 coupon from the 7/27 Smartsource insert to get those for .30 after the coupon doubles

Speedstick and Teen Spirit Deodorants are priced at 1.50 then after the mega event, will be 1.00. Use the 1.00 off 2 coupon from the 7/27 Smartsource insert to pay 1.00 for 2 which is .50 each.

Irish Spring 3pk soaps are also priced at 1.50 and will then be 1.00 after the mega event price. Use the .30 off 1 coupon from the 7/27 Smartsource insert to pay .40 each for the 3 packs after the coupon doubles!

If you're buying milk anyway, you can use the coupon for 1.00 off milk when you buy 1 Welch's Jam or Jelly. The Welch's is also part of the mega event and is priced at 2.00, then 1.50 after the mega event price. The coupon says it's good for any one container of milk, so if you get the half gallons at probably around 1.50 you can buy:
one 1/2 gallon of milk = 1.50
one welch's jam = 1.50 (if included with 9 other participating products)
total = 3.00
use 1.00 off coupon
pay 2.00 for both milk and jam

On Sunday 8/3, there will be in the newspaper insert a few more coupons that you can use with the mega deal.  You will have to use them on Sunday before the deal is over.  They include:

Chef Boyardee pasta .35 off 3
Hunt's Snack Packs .30 off 2
Ken's Salad Dressing 1.00 off 2 or the spray 1.00 off 1
Sargento Cheese Snacks .50 off 1
NutriGrain bars 1.00 off 2
Eggo Waffles 1.00 off 2
Keebler cookies 1.00 off 2
Several coupons for Kelloggs cereal 1.00 off 2

I think that's it, but there may be more.  So if you want to get those, you will want to run out Sunday before the mega event is over!

And not included in the mega event is Kroger (medium) dozen eggs are on sale for 1.00.

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