Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meijer - Aunt Millie's Bread

Aunt Millie's Butter Top White or Wheat Bread is on sale for .99 at Meijer this week. Use the .35 off 1 coupon from a recent insert to pay only .29 after the coupon doubles!!

*We've had a lot of success freezing this brand of breads and buns. And at this price, it makes it worth it to stock up the freezer!!


Jenny from Mommin' it Up! said...

Hey Jamie! At my Meijer in Dayton this week they had the Kraft/Nabisco tearpad coupons right up front with a big cracker display. They were for buy 3 Kraft products, get either a salad dressing, Oscar Meyer hot dogs, or Wheat Thins free. (I am sure you know the coupons of which I speak. I recall you got some sweet deals with them a while back.) Anyways, there is also a display sign up front that if you buy $10 worth of Nabsico cookies or crackers you get $10 off 3 packages of Fruit of the Loom basics. So I bought 12 packs of Kool Aid, 4 boxes of Wheat Thins (2.50 each) and three packs of FOL socks ($4.59 each) and got the wheat thins free and $10 off the socks. It was a great deal! Hope that makes sense!

Jamie said...

Yeah, thanks!! It does make sense!! That's a great find! Is that the first time you've found those coupons? I just wonder if maybe they've put more out or if it's the first your Meijer has had them. It seems like they switched from Hanes products to Fruit of the Loom. I bet you could also use the 1.00 off 2 Fruit of the Loom products coupon from the 8/17 Redplum insert to save another dollar!! Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

what insert for the bread??

Jamie said...

Anon: The bread deal is in a separate small insert. You can see it at, click on weekly ads at the top. Hope that helps!