Monday, August 4, 2008

Coupons - More Info on August 29th Issue of All You Magazine

I just got my first All You Magazine (I bought a subscription recently) today. And I mentioned before about the great coupons, but after having flipped through it, I just felt I needed to stress again, how awesome the coupons in it are. It has:

Get 1 box of Wheat Thins free when you buy 3 other Kraft or Nabisco products (great for Meijer Hanes deal)

Get 1 Kraft Dressing free when you buy 3 other Kraft or Nabisco products

Get 1 Osacar Mayer Hotdogs free when you buy 3 other Kraft or Nabisco products

Get 1 Crystal Light free when you buy 3 other Kraft or Nabisco products

Get 1 Kraft Singles Cheese free you buy 3 other Kraft or Nabisco products

All of those are included as well as coupons for:

Smucker Uncrustables

Kid Cuisine

Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Tyson boxed or bagged chicken

Jif to Go

Kotex (1.00 off any product, this will make the 1.00 packs free at Wal-Mart)

Ban Deodorant


Neutrogena Cosmetics

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Cakes


Dole Fruit Parfaits

White Castle frozen cheeseburgers

Blueberry Muffin Frosted Mini Wheats

Farm Rich products

Sunny D chilled products

Del Monte Fruit Chillers

TGI Friday's products

Boston Market frozen entrees

Ore-Ida potatoes

Weight Watchers frozen meals

Glade Fabric & Air Spray

2000 Flushes

And several others. Again, these are found in the checkout lanes in Wal-Mart and cost a little under $2, I'm not sure exactly. But I'll definitely be going out to get a few more myself. Oh, and most of these coupons have expiration dates well into the future, several months even. So lots of time to use them!! It's definitely a good deal! This issue is Issue 8, August 29, 2008. It's got a purple background, pink plaid organizing boxes on it and it says "Easy organizing" in white letters towards the bottom. I hope you can find it!


Joan said...

I received my first issue of ALL YOU last month, and was disappointed in the coupons -- but they sure made up for it this month! I haven't counted them up, but I'm sure this month's coupons alone will more than cover my subscription. I subscribed for the coupons I'd heard about, but I do happen to enjoy the magazine too!

Amanda said...

There was a link out there that took you to to get a two-year subscription for $20. The price has now gone up, but I've found two other sites (thank you!)that have great deals: and On the second, you might need an access code, which is WR0402. Hope this helps some other procrastinators like me. Keep on saving!

Jamie said...

Amanda, thanks for sharing those links. I signed up at the first one I think and just got my first magazine this month. I'm so glad I signed up for it, what a bargain!!