Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My $5 Challenge Shopping Trip (Includes new CVS $2 off $10 coupon)

Today I decided to make a trip out just to get some of the deals. We're pretty stocked up on our regular grocery items, so today was just to get things I could get at a great price. I decided before I left that I was going to work hard to keep my out of pocket cash to $5 or under. Well did I do it? Let's see!

1st Stop: CVS (I actually visited 2 different CVS's but I'll lump the two together here)
*2 Lamisil Foot Sprays @ 5.79 each = 11.58. I used two 4.00 off 1 coupons from the 7/20 Smartsource insert, plus I earned $10 in ECB's for this deal
*1 Alavert @ 5.99. I used the 4.00 off 1 coupon found here, plus I earned $3 ECB's for this deal.
* 2 Fleet Children's Enemas @ 2.19 each = 4.38. I earned $4 ECB's for those.
* 1 CVS 120ct aspirin @ .99. I used my coupon for a free CVS product on the bottom of the receipt
*4 bags of Dove Chocolates @ 3.00 each = 12.00. I used four 1.50 off 1 coupons from the 5/11 Redplum insert, plus I earned $5 ECB's for that deal.
*1 SkinEffects Facial Scrub (not pictured, it fell out in the car!) @ 6.99. I used a 2.00 off 1 coupon from a stack of coupons I found sitting out at my CVS. I believe these are also in the Beauty Handbook in the store. I earned $5 ECB's for that deal.
*1 3 pack of Rolaids @ 2.49. I used one 1.50 off 1 coupon from my receipt plus a 1.00 off 1 coupon from the 6/22 Redplum insert.
*1 Maalox Childrens Tablets Clearanced at 3.00. I used one 1.00 off 1 coupon from my receipt and a 2.00 off 1 coupon from the 6/1 Smartsource insert.
*1 Cortisone Cream @ 3.99
*1 pack of Reese's cups @ .79 (filler item)
I used two $2 off $10 coupons found here (either scroll down to page 30, or just type it into the little page number box at the top and then print it)
Product Total = 52.20
Coupon Total = 26.49
ECB's Used Total = 24.50
Cash Used Total = 1.68
Total Money Out (ECB's + Cash) = 26.18
ECB's Earned = 27.00

2nd Stop: Staples
*2 bottles of Elmers glue @ 0 each
*2 packs of filler paper @ .09 each = .18
Paid total of .20 after tax

3rd Stop: Walgreens
*16 packs of Bic pens @ .50 each = 8.00
I used eight 1.00 off 2 coupons from the 8/3 Smartsource insert.
I paid .52 for tax.

4th Stop: Meijer
*2 French's Mustards @ 1.00 each = 2.00.
*2 Frank's Red Hot Sauce @ 1.00 each = 2.00. I used the coupons found here for the mustard and hot sauce for a total savings of 4.00.
*3 Boxes of Wheat Thins @ 3.50 each = 10.50. I used three free Wheat Thins when you buy three other Kraft/Nabisco Products.
*12 packs of Kool-Aids @ .10 each = 1.20
*10 cans of Mighty Dog @ .50 each = 5.00. I used 10 get a free can coupons from the 8/10 Smartsource insert.
*4 cans of Campbell's soup @ .50 each = 2.00.
*3 4pks of DanActive Yogurt. 2 clearanced @ .68 each and 1 clearanced @ .38. I used three .50 off 1 coupons from the 7/20 Smartsource insert.
*3 packs of Hanes socks @ 3.99 each = 11.97. I got 3.34 off each pack for buying the Wheat Thins.
*6 Johnson's Buddies Soaps @ .99 each = 5.94. I used a raincheck from last week to get them buy 2 get 1 free. Plus I used two of the 2.00 off 2 coupon found here.
*3 Pert Shampoos. I used rainchecks to get them for 2.99 each = 8.97. I used three 3.00 off 1 coupons from the 8/3 Smartsource insert.
*1 package of Oscar Mayer hotdogs @ 3.19. I used the free hotdog when you buy 3 other Kraft/Nabisco products coupon.
I used a $5 off your next order coupon from last week

Product Total = 52.53
Meijer Hanes Deal = -10.02
Coupon Total = 42.43
Cash Used Total = 1.37 (includes tax)

For a grand total of cash used of only $3.77!! I still have 1.23 to spare!! Wow, the Lord is so good to me!! What about you, have you had a great deal you'd like to share? You can leave a link in the comments section and we'll come see your deal as well!!!


Milk Donor Mama said...

WOW! How did you get all the newspaper coupons? Do you buy 10 papers, or do you get coupons from other people? Also the internet coupons- I can never print more than two of any given coupon.

amy w said...

That's great! good deals Jamie!

I went to CVS on Monday and got 6 of the small tubes of sunscreen that are $2.19.
All CVS sunscreen are $2 off. So .19 each. They let me use a $1 off 1 coupon from the beauty booklet. cost me 14 c for all that sunscreen!
We needed it too because we are going on vacation in a few weeks.

I want to share this deal i did a few weeks ago - even though the sale is over I am so proud of this transaction!

A few weeks ago when Kroger had the mega sale ( 50c off each item when you buy 10) i got all this for 20c

2 Daisy sour cream $1 ea - 50c from the paper ( ?date?) ( doubled)
2 cattlemen's bbq sauce $1 ea - 50c doubled IP
2 Franks hot sauce $1 ea - 50c IP doubled
1 brawny towel $1 - $1/1 coupon from kroger in the mail
3 speed stick $1 each - $1/1 from 7/27? paper
6 Gilette body wash $1 ea- $1/1 from the July P&G insert ( the $1 P&G loadable did not work)
11 Satin care shave gel $1.09 - 55c ( doubled) from July P&G insert

- $2 off your next order from buying 2 pledge previously

i spent 20 cents!!!
The cashier was so excited to see the total go down. He was hilarious!

It would have been 32.99 plus tax without the mega sale and coupons!

Lura said...

That is very cool!

Jamie said...

milk donor mama:
Yes I usually buy 6 - 10 newspapers a week, plus my parents give me at least one other set. I usually can only print two coupons from the internet as well. However, I just got a new laptop, so I'm able to go back and print the coupons I already printed on my other computer a second time. Sometimes if the coupon is really good, my husband will print them for me from his computer as well.

Amy W.:
Wow, that's a great deal! I looked at this briefly when I was in there, but all I saw was ones priced at 1.99. I wasn't sure if they'd work for the deal, and I didn't feel like trying to get them to do it if it didn't work, so I left it. Plus it was only SPF 15 and we always us 40 or more so I just let it go. I didn't see the 2.19 ones, good work!! Also that's an awesome Kroger run!
I love stunning the cashiers!!!

Lura: Thanks!!

amy w said...

If you are at the Mason CVS ( not sure where you're coming from) they have sunscreen in two places. The middle aisle didnt have the $2.19 sunscreen. It is in the row against the wall by all the fake nails, makeup tools, hair brushes and stuff.
There were about 8 tubes left when i got mine.

If i see the $1.99 ones i will try it.

Andrea said...

Awesome trip! God is so good and it's great to see you give Him the credit!

I have an idea for a post for ya - since you buy so many papers, how about you share how you clip/organize. If you have this posted already, please lead me to it. It's always interesting to see how others work :-)

Shayleen Lunt said...

What soups are $.50 at Meijer? They aren't cream of mushroom/chicken are they?
shaylenejohnson at hotmail dot com

Jamie said...

Thanks for the tip. I did only check the center section. Now I know where to go, thanks so much!! I appreciate your help!!

Thanks for the idea, I'll work on a post and have it up some time this week. I have to clean up the coupon box before I take it's picture! Sometimes (like now) it looks like a tornado went through it!!

Unfortunately it's only the chicken noodle and tomato soups that are .50. It's been awhile since soups have been a good deal at all. We haven't had coupons for awhile either. Hopefully as the weather gets cooler, we can get more deals because I love soup!!

Amy said...

I was just reading through the comments and noticed that Andrea made a comment about organizing and clipping coupons. I just wanted to let you & your readers know that on my blog I have posted a few posts about my coupon binder, tips on clipping coupons & more, Just an FYI, if anyone is interested in checking out my blog! Thank you!
Oh and Jaime, you did great on your shopping trip!