Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wal-Mart - Huggies Cleanteam Wipes

This past Sunday (7/20) we got coupons for the $3.00 off 2 Huggies Clean Team Wipes.  At Wal-Mart they have 45 count packs for 1.64.  So when you buy 2 and use the coupon you'll only pay .28 total!  These packs are not in the baby section, they are over in the Health and Beauty section of the store, where they have some baby shampoos and wipes.  

By the way, did anyone have trouble finding coupons this week?  I ended up visiting 4 different UDF's and getting no coupons there and having to finally go to Kroger where I found the coupons but had to pay 1.50.  I was just so relieved to find them, that I didn't care to pay more!!  How strange was that?


Crys said...

My sis inlaw called me complaining that she bought 5 papers from UDF in Mason and none of them had coupons in them!

Rachel said...

I'm in West Chester and got no coupons this week. :(

Amy W said...

I was just coming here to ask the same thing!

We get the paper delivered and it had NONE! There was a Rx coupon in the kmart ad though.
So I ran up to CVS and checked the paper first- none. Checked another... hmm.... ran across the street to Kroger, checked 3 papers and gave up.
I am so sad!
I order extras from coupon clippers sometimes, guess I will ahve to check out what i missed.
boo hoo!
I am going to contact the Enquirer and see what was going on.

Jamie said...

I do not know what was going on either. It was definitely strange. I checked UDF's in the Mason, West Chester and Liberty Twp areas and found none. I eventually had to go down to the Delhi area for a Birthday party and found them at the Kroger there. But not all of the papers I checked had the coupons in them there either. This really stinks for those who didn't get them. I hope the Enquirer can do something for those without them.

Andrea said...

I've heard that the areas you've checked (West Chester, Mason, Liberty Township) are having issues with coupons being missing from the papers. I believe someone has reported this to the Enquirer but until it's resolved, I'd say there is definitely something fishy going on!

Amy said...

I'm sorry to hear that all of you had problems with getting coupons last Sunday. I got 8 papers from my UDF and had no problems! I always flip through the papers to make sure that there are coupons in each one before I purchase them.
Hopefully none of us will experience problems next Sunday either!

lindyhop922 said...

The Ridge Walmart doesn't carry them. I double checked at the service desk.

Jamie said...


I actually got them there the last time we had this coupon, probably 4 or 5 months ago. Maybe they stopped carrying them, but when I found them they were to the immediate right when you walk in the store and then a few aisles down on the right. Near the toothpaste, shampoo, deoderant aisles. That's a bummer if they don't have them anymore.