Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kroger & Meijer - My Shopping Trip 7/7

Ok, so I did my grocery shopping yesterday.  I went to Kroger and Meijer.  I found a few more things you might want to add to your list, so here they are.  I'll start with Meijer.

I was going to buy the 25 oz jar of Meijer applesauce that was on sale 10 for $10, but then found that the 50 oz jar was on sale for 1.33.  So it was a much better deal to get the big jar.  

Fresh blueberries (a pint, not just the little container) are only 1.67.  That's the best price I've seen for those all season.

Fresh corn on the cob is cheaper at Meijer than Kroger at 6 for $2.  

Again, Meijer Milk is only 2.29 a gallon.  That's the cheapest it's been for awhile.

I got my Meijer brand pasta and ice cream using the Mealbox coupons.  For some reason the pasta coupons beeped this time, I don't know why, they never have before.  It said "Item not found".  They let me use them anyway, but it was very strange.  

Now for Kroger:

I got 2 really great deals using the P&G deal they are running, where when you buy 3 products you get $3 off your order.  I found that tubs of baby wipes are included in the deal, they are priced at 2.59.  So if you buy 3 your total is 7.77.  Then you get $3 off for the deal and if you use three .50 off 1 coupons from the 7/6 P&G insert, you'll get another $3 off and only pay 1.77 for three tubs of wipes which is .59 a piece!  I got a total of 6 tubs!

Also, the Pantene variety "beautiful lengths" is included in the sale.  I had a hard time finding this variety in our store.  They were on an endcap.  They have lavendar-ish caps.  They are priced at 3 for $10.  Then you get the $3 off when you buy 3, plus if you use the 2.00 off 1 coupon from the 7/6 P&G insert, you'll pay a total of $1.00 for 3!!!  Which is .33 each!!  I also got 6 of those.

The deal is unlimited so I was able to do all 4 of those in one order.

I also found that Kroger has lots of close-outs throughout the store.  Basically their way of saying it's clearance!  I got 4lb bags of Kibbles n Bits for 1.59 after the close-out price and coupon.  You may want to check for those deals, they had some in every aisle.

Well that's all I've seen for now.  Please share anything you find!


Dr. Mom said...

My Kroger did not have that variety of Pantene, however, the coupons worked on three other kinds of Pantene. Very cool. Thanks for the tip.

Jamie said...

Oh, that's great! I've wondered if they would work on other varieties!

Kim said...

How do you manage to get so many copies of the coupons from the Sunday paper?

Lura said...

What kind of wipes are they?

Jamie said...

Kim: I usually buy 6-10 newspapers a week. I look around for a store that has them .99. UDF, Kroger and Meijer has them at that price at one time or another. My mom also gives me her inserts. I figure I always make back the dollar I spend on them and then some, so it's worth it.

Lura: The wipes are Pampers 77ct Baby Fresh. That's the ones I got. I think some other varieties are also included. They should be marked on the shelves.