Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wal-Mart - Even More Farmland Deals!

I posted awhile ago about the great Farmland deals at Wal-Mart.  I posted that Wal-Mart had the Farmland 1lb packages of sausage for 1.23 and after the 1.00 off 1 coupon we had,  it was only .23, and they had the Farmland ham's for only 2.88 and when you use the 2.00 off 1 coupon they were only .88.  Well those deals are still working great, if you haven't had a chance to get them yet.  But now, it seems our area Wal-Mart's are starting to carry the Farmland bacon as well.  I found them in Lebanon, and Crys posted that she found them at the Bridgewater Falls area Wal-Mart.  They are priced at 2.50 and when you use the 2.00 off 1 coupon they are only .50. 

All of those are incredible prices for meat!!  The coupons came from the 5/4 and 6/8 Smartsource inserts.


Andrea said...

Ooh! Good tip - I'm heading to Wal Mart today. I never go there so I'm searching for all the good deals to get it all done in one trip!

Amy West said...

I have been checking the Mason- Montgomery walmart everytime i go for that bacon!