Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meijer - Deals Found by Amy! (Edited)

I'm having a slow week in blogger world, but that only means I'm having a busy week in the real world! My son has some sort of stomach virus, my husband is going out of town tomorrow and we are starting our homeschooling back up next week and I have some planning to finish for that. So with all that being said, I'm trying to keep up with posts, but I haven't found a whole lot to post about right now. I did however, get an awesome comment from Amy and thought it was so good I'd just share it will all of you! So here it is:

"I wanted to share this great news on the Meijer $10 hanes deal!

It says that ALL Nabisco products are included AND there are $1 off Nabisco crackers on the meijer mealbox site!


So, you can get 5 boxes of triscuits or Ritz which are on sale for $2, pay $5 after coupons and get the $10 hanes deal!!!
or get cookies for a little more.

Today I got
1 of the choc chip cookies $2
1 Oreos (not on sale but $2.77, i wanted them LOL)
- 75c off 2, doubled to $1
1 ritz bitz PB ($2 each)
1 ritz bitz cheese
- 75c/2 doubled to $1
and 2 pkgs of Ritz Whole Wheat $2 each
- $1 each from the mealbox site
So i paid $6.77 for 6 boxes of nabisco stuff, 2 packs of socks and one pk of underwear!

Edited to say that I got an email that alerted me to the fact that the Mealbox coupons now say 1 per transaction.  So this above deal wouldn't work like it says.  That's such a bummer.  I think you could still use more than one Mealbox coupon in a transaction, they just can't be the same coupon.  But you could use one Mealbox coupon for the Nabisco crackers and then two 1.00 off 2 coupons from the 7/27 inserts for the cookies and the deal would still be really good!   

One word of caution... the Hanes deal is kinda specific. It says on "Hanes Basic" so I didnt risk getting the Thomas underwear or anything fancy for my son. The Tylersville store had a center aisle of socks and underwear.
(underwear had a 6 pk with a free pair , so 7 in the pack)

AND it is only on 3 pkgs - you get $3.33 or 3.34 off of each package.

I bought 2 pks of socks for $2.99 each and underwear for $4.59 (?) and i didnt get the total $10. I got the socks for free and $3.34 off the underwear. No biggie. It is only 68c. I am not gonna complain!

There were a lot of other meijer sales still going on too. Here are some I remember...
B1G1 on Tyson IQF bags of chicken
McCain frozen potatoes, sweet potatoes fries, etc are still on sale for $1.99
Silk milk is on sale for $2.50

AND buy $10 worth of Kelloggs get $10 off a backpack.
They didnt have any backpacks my son wanted so i didnt do the deal, but they had several backpacks for $12-13.

oh and there's a $10 off $75 in their ad at the front of the store.
I left with $80 worth of stuff at maijer prices for $50 after coupons and that would have probably eASILY cost me $100 at kroger."

Thanks so much Amy!! Your comments are a huge blessing to me tonight as I'm trying to get it "all" done! Thanks again!


Lura said...

Aw man. I'm so bummed by the one per transaction rule now. Do you know how many times I'm going to have to go through the line now?? Ha ha.

Jamie said...

I know. That's a really stinky policy! I guess they didn't realize how many coupons people would use!!

Sarah Halter said...

In my area, the 6 oz Nabisco garden harvest chips are on sale for $2 and there's a $1 off coupon available here:


Skip the into (or watch if you want!) then the link for the coupon is on the left. I was able to print it twice. Now I just need to clean off my desk so I can find the ones I printed before!!

Amy W said...

thanks jamie!
And thanks Sarah for sharing that link!
I need to get back to Meijer before the sale is over !