Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meijer - Deals for 7/27

Here's the deals for the Cincinnati area Meijer's for the week of 7/27 - 8/2

Superpretzels are half price, that makes them 1.39 each.  Use the 1.00 off 2 coupon from the 5/11 Redplum insert to get two for 1.79 which is .89 each.   Also, use the .75 off 1 Pretzelfils coupon to get those for .39 each.

They are running a special where when you buy $10 worth of Nabisco products, you can get $10 worth of Hanes products (up to 3 packages) free.  This is good this week because:

*Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies are on sale for 2.00.
*We got a coupon today (7/27) for .75 off 2 Nabisco cookies
*Hanes socks kid sizes are on sale for 2.99 and adult sizes start at 4.49

So today I got:
5 packages of cookies = 10.00
2 packs of kids socks = 5.98
1 pack of adult socks = 4.49
I used two .75 off 2 coupons (doubled to 1.00) = -2.00
I got $10 off for the socks
So I paid 8.47 for 5 packages of cookies and 3 packs of socks!

The Meijer Mealbox site has added some new coupons and taken some others off.  Be sure to check there and see if there's anything you can use for your shopping trip this week.

That's all I see for now.  It's another slow week at Meijer.  Hopefully it'll pick up soon!   Please feel free to share anything you find and I'll try to find more deals as well!


Anonymous said...

I found your site a few weeks back and have really enjoyed checking it out to see if I have missed anything. I did miss the Hanes/cookie deal. You are such a blessing to so many.
I do have a question about Meijers. More times than not I can't pull up the Meijers coupons. Others in our area are having the same trouble. Is there a way to get ahold of the coupons other than there site?
Thank you again,

Jamie said...

Great, I'm glad you were able to find another deal to do!!

I do not at this time, know of any other way to get the Meijer coupons. What kind of trouble are you having? I'll look around and see if I can find some help and then I'll let you know what I find.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Lisa Lipka said...

Regarding Meijers we can get the outsite frame to come up but that is it, No coupons, no info, nothing. This is so frustrating. I couldn't get any coupons last week.
Thank you for any help.

Amy W said...

MAybe it has to do with a pop up blocker.

Thanks for sharing about the Hanes deal! I think I might go do that tonight!
I appreciate you!

Jamie said...

Well I got an email today from someone with the company that runs the Mealbox site and he said that they know about the problem and are trying to resolve it. He said it may have to do with using AOL's browser. Hopefully it'll get resolved soon and we can all be enjoying those great coupons!

Amy W said...

I wanted to share this great news on the Meijer $10 hanes deal!

It says that ALL Nabisco products are included AND there are $1 off Nabisco crackers on the meijer mealbox site!


So, you can get 5 boxes of triscuits or Ritz which are on sale for $2, pay $5 after coupons and get the $10 hanes deal!!!
or get cookies for a little more.

Today I got
1 of the choc chip cookies $2
1 Oreos (not on sale but $2.77, i wanted them LOL)
- 75c off 2, doubled to $1
1 ritz bitz PB ($2 each)
1 ritz bitz cheese
- 75c/2 doubled to $1
and 2 pkgs of Ritz Whole Wheat $2 each
- $1 each from the mealbox site

(I ended up getting 6 cuz i wanted to use the 75coff of 2 coupons, and i needed 2 boxes of ritz. Wasnt sure if i'd make it back this week to do the deal again.)

So i paid $6.77 for 6 boxes of nabisco stuff, 2 packs of socks and one pk of underwear!

One word of caution... the Hanes deal is kinda specific. It says on "Hanes Basic" so I didnt risk getting the Thomas underwear or anything fancy for my son. The Tylersville store had a center aisle of socks and underwear.
(underwear had a 6 pk with a free pair , so 7 in the pack)

AND it is only on 3 pkgs - you get $3.33 or 3.34 off of each package.

I bought 2 pks of socks for $2.99 each and underwear for $4.59 (?) and i didnt get the total $10. I got the socks for free and $3.34 off the underwear. No biggie. It is only 68c. I am not gonna complain!

There were a lot of other meijer sales still going on too. Here are some I remember...
B1G1 on Tyson IQF bags of chicken
McCain frozen potatoes, sweet potatoes fries, etc are still on sale for $1.99
Silk milk is on sale for $2.50

AND buy $10 worth of Kelloggs get $10 off a backpack.
They didnt have any backpacks my son wanted so i didnt do the deal, but they had several backpacks for $12-13.

Anyway, sorry this is long! just wanted to help!

Amy W said...

oh and there's a $10 off $75 in their ad at the front of the store.
I left with $80 worth of stuff at maijer prices for $50 after coupons and that would have probably eASILY cost me $100 at kroger.

Thanks again for all of your tips. I never would have ventured to meijer if it wasnt for you!