Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Staples & Wal-Mart - School Supplies Deals

Guess how much all this cost?

Only 3.12 for all of it!!!

I went to two stores: Staples and Wal-Mart and got this:


16 pocket folders.  $.01 each.  Total = $.16
4 8-packs of pencils.  $.01 each.  Total = $.04
4 small bottles of Purell.  $.01 each.  Total = $.04
2 3-ring binders.  $.25 each.  Total = $.50


30 1-Subject Notebooks.  $.05 each.  Total = $1.50
2 2-packs of glue sticks.  $.22 each.  Total = $.44
2 24ct crayons.  $.22 each.  Total = $.44.

For a grand total of only $3.12!!  At Wal-Mart, the glue sticks and crayons say they are .30 on the tags, but ring up at .22!!


Crys said...

Whoa baby, that's a great deal!!!

Amy West said...

Thanks for sharing this!
I had forgotten about the staples deal and you reminded me!
I was able to go to both Staples ( they were out of the purell boo hoo!) and WalMart today and get the deals!
I got the crayons as party favors for my son's birthday party next month!
Thanks again! I check your site every day! You are appreciated! Wish I could pay you back some how!

Jamie said...

Well I'm glad you were able to get them. I went to Staples again today and they were out of the Purell too. Maybe we went to the same one (Mason-Montgomery Rd)!!

Thanks for the kind words, they mean so much to me!!

Michelle said...

Amazing - great job!

Lady Why said...

I did that Staples deal too! Don't you just love these "Back to School" specials?!

Shel @ Life With Seven said...

Great deals! I went to Staples several times to do their deals, but didn't know the sales were so good at Walmart- I'm stopping there today. Thanks for the tips!

Niki said...

Thanks for the heads up for walmart!