Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meijer - Another Awesome Shopping Trip 7/16

Guess how much I paid for all of this???

Just .75!!  That's right people, only 3 quarters for all this food!!  How'd I do it, well here's the breakdown.  First I'll list the things I bought, then I'll list the coupons I used:

18 packets of Kool-Aid.  Paid 3.60
4 bottles of Kraft dressing.  Paid 6.67
1 box of Wheat Things.  Paid 2.50
1 package of Oscar Mayer hotdogs.  Paid 1.50
2 Franks Red Hot sauces.  Paid 2.00
2 Dole 7-Lettuce salad bags.  Paid 2.79 (they were buy one get one free)
1 cut of Watermelon.  Paid .91
Total = 19.97

I used:
-$4 off your next order coupon that I got previously doing the Kraft dressing deal (buy 4 get a catalina for $4 off your next order)
-one .55 off the Dole salad (this one didn't double for some reason, but I'm not complaining!), this was from the 5/18 Smartsource insert.
-two .50 off 1 coupons for the Frank's Red Hot sauce.  Both doubled to 1.00 off.
-two 1.00 off produce when you buy 2 Kraft Dressings. 
-four free Kraft dressing when you buy 3 other Kraft products coupons.  Total savings 6.67.
-one free Wheat Thins when you buy 3 other Kraft products.  Total savings 2.50.
-one free Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs when you buy 3 other Kraft products.  Total savings 1.50.  (that's why I bought 18 Kool-Aid's, because they count as the "3 other Kraft products" for all these great coupons!!)
So total coupon savings = 19.22

For a grand total out of pocket of only .75!

And if that wasn't enough, I got another $4 off your next order coupon to use next time!!!

I know I told you guys about these deals already, but I just wanted to show you just how awesome those coupons really are!!!  This was from the Fields Ertel Meijer and they STILL had tearpads with coupons on them, so you can still go out there and get these great deals!!


TeeThymeDiva said...

Way to go!! My co-workers have been complaining about their grocery bills. When I try to tell them how to work the coupons w/ the sales, they tell me that they just don't have the time for all of that. But, when I come back from lunch, after doing my power shopping, they are amazed at what I am taking home and how much it finally cost. I guess they'll convert one day!

Crys said...

I run into the same thing, some of my friends tell me to teach them and help them so I tell them what to do and I give them your website and they still say it's too much for them or they are confused......I just don't understand it! Having your website makes it as easy as possible!!!

Amy said...

Chips Ahoy cookies are on sale 2 for $5 and when you buy 2 you can get one free 1/2 gallon of Meijer ice cream.

Do you think Meijer would let you use the $1 off ice cream coupon from the mealbox site?

Amy said...

great deals! you are such an inspiration!
I amheading out to Meijer I think today. I havent been in ages but you have inspired me!

Jamie said...

I'm pretty sure the Mealbox coupons would work with the ice cream, because they don't seem to beep for pretty much anything. Your cashier may notice and say something, but if you Uscan, I doubt there would be a problem!

I found some Chips Ahoy packs that had 1.00 off 2 coupons on them too, that would make the deal even better!