Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kroger and CVS - My Trip Today (7/1)

Well today I went out and did my Kroger and CVS trips for the week.  All deals highlighted in purple, are ones I have not previously mentioned and want to make sure you see!  Since it seemed like people enjoyed seeing my Meijer trip, I thought I'd share these as well.  Here's the Kroger trip:

*7 4packs of Cottenelle Toilet Paper.  Priced at .99 each.  Used seven .25 off 1 coupons.  Paid .49 each or a total of 3.43
*6 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (3 Fruit Roll-Ups, 3 Fruit Gushers).  Sale priced 3 for $5.  Used 3 .50 off 1 coupons.  Got .30 discount on each one for the Daytona Deal (=1.80 discount).  Paid 5.20 total.  Also got back a Catalina for 3.50 off my next order for buying 5 or more of these.
*2 Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes.  Sale priced 1.99 each.  Used .75 off 2 coupon.  Got .30 discount on each one for the Daytona Deal (.60 total).  Paid 2.38.
*2 Totino's Pizza Rolls.  Sale priced at 1.00 each.  Used two .35 off 1 coupons found here.  Got .30 discount on each one for the Daytona Deal (.60 total).  Paid 0!!
*1 Lawry's marinade.  Sale priced 1.00.  Used .50 off 1 coupon.  Paid 0!!
*4 cans of Mighty Dog.  Priced at .84 each.  Used two buy one get one free coupons.  Paid 1.68 total.
*1 Muir Glen tomato paste (these are found over in the organic food section, not in the regular tomato product aisle).  Priced at 1.09.  Used 1.00 off 1 coupon found here.  Paid .09.
*16 Weber Grill Marinades.  Sale priced at .99.  Used .50 off 1 coupons from the 5/18 and 6/29 Smartsource inserts.  Paid 0!!
*1 Oscar Mayer hot dog.  Sale priced at 1.67.  Used .50 off 1 coupon.  Paid .67.
*1 Wacky Mac pasta.  Priced at 1.59.  Used .50 off 1 coupon from 6/22 Redplum insert.  Paid .59.
*2 Individual packs of Fritos.  Priced at 3 for $1.  Paid .67.
*1 block of Kroger Monterey Jack cheese.  Sale priced at 1.67.  (I needed the Fritos and cheese for a tortilla soup that my Dad made and gave us for lunch today!)
And because the kids were with me I got!!:
*1 Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.  Priced at 1.28.
*1 bag of Cheetos.  Sale priced at 1.77.  (I know, I'm a horrible mom for buying so much junk, but they will be good for our drive to Gatlinburg on Thursday!!)

And I used a 3.50 off your next order coupon that I got from doing the Betty Crocker fruit snacks deal last week.

So I paid a total of 17.54 for groceries that would've cost (before sales and coupons) 71.06, for a savings of 75%.  Plus I got another 3.50 off your next order coupon to use next time!
*Note:  Both of the links to coupons above (Totino's and Muir Glen) are found at coupons.com.  You can also click on the side bar (the one with 3 coupons and blue background) to get there also.   Just click on the little gray bar at the top of it that says "see all coupons".   It's a little quicker than going to the website to search.  Just thought I'd share that!!

Here's the CVS trip:

*10 bags of Lifesaver/Gummi Savers/Creme Savers.  Priced at 2.19 each.  On sale buy one get one free, plus I used five buy one get one free coupons to get all ten free!
*3 Bic Soleil Razors and 3 Bic Soleil Refills.  Each priced 6.99.  Used six 4.00 off 1 coupons.  Paid 17.94.  Got back $15 in ECB's
*6 Sure Deoderants.  Sale priced at 2.99 each.  I used three buy one get one free coupons from the 6/29 Smartsource insert.  Paid 8.97.  Got back $9.00 in ECB's.
*2 CVS Panty Shields.  Priced at .99.  Paid 1.98.  Got back $1.98 in ECB's
*2 CVS 5pk Tampons.  Priced at 1.49.  Used 1.50 CRT (coupon printed on bottom of CVS receipt).  Paid 1.48.  Got back $2 in ECB's
*1 package of Wild Cherry M&M's.  Priced at .79.  (Geesh, I did buy a ton of sugary snacks today.  I need to put those away for awhile!!)

So I paid $31 in ECB's, plus .18 in cash.  And I got back a total of 28.50 (.50 for my Spring spending) in ECB's.  Plus a few more coupons to use later.  

So my total for the day is 17.72 in cash plus 31 in ECB's.  I got back 28.50 in ECB's and a 3.50 off your next order coupon at Kroger.  Added with my Meijer total and I've spent this week only 43.88!  That's awesome for us!!  Of course I have tons of things stockpiled that's why I don't need to buy as much.  I have tons of meat (from the Bigg's deal), tons of frozen veggies, frozen shredded cheese, frozen buns and breads, cereal, ice cream, 100% juice, chex mix, etc...  so that helps keep my bill down during the weeks!

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MissSonya said...

Oh my goodness, i have looked everywhere for the muir glen stuff..EVERYWHERE!! That is a great price. I printed like 100 of those coupons. You can print as many as you want where I orginally got them. I can't wait to find them.