Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coupons - The Coupon Clippers &

We're Home!!

We made it in, at dinner time this evening and I just finished emptying the email box and starting some laundry!! I don't have time to write about deals tonight (mainly because I haven't had a chance to find any!!), but I did have two tips to tell you about!

Tip 1
I just started ordering from this great website called The Coupon Clippers. I usually buy 6 to 10 newspapers a week, costing me 6 to 10 dollars and ending up with tons of coupons I never use and not as many of the ones I really want. Well I decided that I'd try only buying 1 or 2 newspapers (plus my parents save me an insert or two) so that I can have at least a few of all of the coupons and then order the ones I really wanted from the site. So far I have really enjoyed this service. I'm spending around the same 10 dollars every week and the coupons come clipped!! Maybe you'd like it too!!

Tip 2 has updated with new coupons. So go print out some great deals there!!

Thanks for all of your patience. Hoping to get back to normal soon!!!


Andrea said...

Jamie - I wanted to let you know that there are several good coupon clippers on ebay too.

I typically do buy it now auctions and get the coupons within days! I have my list of fave sellers that ship quick. I also order through the cash back site, Big Crumbs to get cash back on my eBay purchase. Can't beat cash back :-)

Welcome back!

Crys said...

Girl, I am sooo glad you are back, I have been so lost without your brain! ha ha

Amy W said...

Welcome back!

You were missded!

I have used the cc site too. Nice when you want 10 of something !

One deal this week: kmart is having double coupons up to $2! ($4) til saturday i think!!!

Walgreens is INCREDIBLE this week!

And there is a hidden bag of hershey's at cvs for 59c!
It is a multi pack of snack size bars, take 5, etc.

About those coupons you dont use... maybe we could have a coupon trade on here? make a list of coupons we want and if someone has extras they can send them. Just an idea!