Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kmart - Double Dollar Days Until Nov. 1st

My Aunt Tricia emailed me to tell me that the Kmart in Springboro was participating in the Double Dollar Coupons Event. They are doubling coupons up to and including 2.00!!!! Here's a few rules I saw today when I was there:

1. If your item is priced under 4.00, you will only get the value of the item off, no overage.

2. You can only use 4 like coupons in any order.

3. You can only use 75 coupons in any order.

4. It runs until November 1st

My total today was $99 before coupons and $26 after (and I got a 3.69 toy for my son!!). Here's some of the deals I got:

  • Oust Air Spray - free after coupon
  • Dove Shampoos and Conditioners - free after coupon
  • Lifesaver Gummi Savers - free after coupon
  • Johnson & Johnson First Aid Gauze Pads - free after coupon
  • Pepcid 8ct - .99 after coupon
  • Resolve Carpet Cleaner - .99 after coupon
  • Sunmaid 6pk raisins - .67 after coupon
  • Welch's Grape Juice - 1.33 after coupon
  • Hunt's Snack Packs - .25 after coupon
  • Colgate Kids Toothpaste - .49 after coupon
  • Purina Busy Bone Mini dog treats - .49 after coupon
  • Glade Fabric and Air Spray - .79 after coupon

If I had more time I probably would've found more, but I spent an hour and half looking for these!!! And I just have to say that in the past I have been pretty disappointed in the condition and stock of most Kmart's I've been into, but this one was pleasantly stocked and looked very nice. I'll definitely stop by there again!!

It's located right off I-75, I think it's exit 39 (rt 73). Other stores may be participating, so you can call and ask, but I know this one is!!


andrea said...

hey jamie! i went to kmart in middletown on sunday, and monday!

i got some great deals:)

Krista said...

I went to the store in Huber Heights OH, just north of Dayton, right off I-70. They were participating, and I know some other stores in the Dayton area were as well - Woodman Drive and Indian Ripple.

My pre-coupon total was 35.25 and after was 7.50 inlcuding tax.

AmyW said...

oooh is middletown doing it too? I was told they werent!

Forest Fair Kmart is doing it too.

It is so tempting to go, but last time everything was sold out. I didnt go til thursday night though.