Monday, October 13, 2008

An Explanation and a Few Kroger & Meijer Deals

Ok here goes:

Unfortunately, I won't be doing as many posts as I used to do. I just simply can't keep up with all the deals and all the other responsibilities I have at home. If I go a day or two without posting something, I feel really bad and I just can't keep feeling that way. I know it's my own fault for these feelings, but alas, I can't seem to help it.

After our vacation, I knew I was going to have to either cut back or let it go altogether and my decision at this point is to make a huge cut back. I get excited when I find those great deals (think freebies or nearly free) and truly want to share those with all of you and so that's what I intend to keep doing. It will most likely just be Kroger and Meijer deals that I post, because CVS and Walgreens deals are plentiful on the web.

Perhaps I'm really slow at it, but the big Kroger, Meijer and CVS posts that I usually do take at least an hour to do each. And while 3 hours a week may not seem like a lot, for some reason, it is just really hard for me to accomplish. So if you're about to head out to the store and want to make sure you don't miss a huge deal, then check here before going out and hopefully I'll have what you need. Otherwise, hotcouponworld is a great place to find all the everyday regular deals.

I hope you understand. After lots of prayer and consideration, it has just become clear to me that I can't do all that I've "signed up" to do at this point and some things need to be cut back so that the really important things can have my most and best attention. Thanks to all of you, I truly appreciate each and every reader out there!!

So anyway, here's some awesome deals I found this morning at Kroger and Meijer:

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Frozen Vegetables are on sale for 1.00. Use the 1.00 off 1 coupon from the 10/5 General Mills insert (they were also in another insert, but I can't find the date of it right now) to get them free!!!

Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage and Links are on sale for 1.39. Use the 1.00 off 2 smoked sausage to get two packs for 1.78 (.89 each) or use the .55 off 1 links coupon to get them for .39 each (after coupon doubles)!!! Both coupons are from the 10/5 Redplum insert. That is just an awesome price for those, I stocked up today and Meijer still had tons of them for all of you!!

Orville Redenbacher popcorn is half price making it 1.59. Use the 1.00 off 1 Naturals variety from the 9/21 Smartsource to get that for .59 or use the .40 off 1 coupon from the 10/12 insert to get the regular varieties for .79 each.

Muir Glen Tomato Pastes are on sale for .75. Use the .75 off 1 coupon from the 9/28 Smartsource insert to get it free!!!

Tennessee Pride Rolled Sausage is 2.00. Use the .55 off 1 coupon from the 9/7 Redplum insert to get them for 1.00 each!!

I found clearanced Cascadian Farms frozen vegetables in a bin by the meat department priced at .99. I used the 1.00 off 1 coupon from the 8/24 Smartsource insert to get them free!!! There were lots of them left. They also had other brands of organic frozens on clearance as well. This was at the Maineville Kroger on 48.

Those are the awesome deals I found today. Thanks for being so understanding. If I find more of those great deals, I'll post them, otherwise check the comments section for reader found deals and have a great week!!


Sisters Savings said...

That's funny you say, I was thinking the same exact thing....the blog or family. It seems as though I was focusing on the blog in every spare moment and was not relaxing or just sitting with the kids! I thought it was just me!I was thinking..."how do they do it? post and I know they have a does everyone fit it in?" Well, I will still be checking your blog regularly..I know when you do post it's worth reading! =)

Amy W said...

It IS time consuming! I dont blame you for needing and wanting to scale back!
It's better for you to spend your time shopping than on the net!

You could always just add your comments to or at that's what i do sometimes!

I have considered sharing on my myspace page, but i have a hard time maneuvering myspace. It is soooo slow for me!

Anyway, thanks for sharing your deals! and dont feel pressured to post here daily.
oh and you are famous at CVS in Mason LOL I asked them if i was the only crazy coupon lady that came in and the cashier said no, there's another one who comes in with a plastic box file of coupons. ;)

ok....Here are some deals i wanted to share with you.

Whole grain pop tarts 1.98 - 55c coupon from recent insert= $1

4 pk AA and AAA and 2 pk DD and C and single 9 volt energizer batteries are 5/$10 and several have $1 off peelies ( at Mason they were on the end of the aisle in a cardboard display)

1/2 gal milk and OJ is 5/$6

febreze noticeables are on sale for $6.89, use the $5 off from the P&G monthly insert and load the $5 from the P&G esaver. ( borrowed this from another site, was it here? anyway...) FREE plus overage. I did it today and it worked!
but the esaver is only a 1x use.

the J&J buddy soap deal is still working too. The catalina beeped today when i used it and the cashier said i couldnt use it since it was over, i asked her if she could adjust it to 2.97 and she did. out popped another catalina. LOL

have a great week Jamie!
You are appreciated!

StephanieJ said...

I know how time consuming it can be, but I want to let you know how much I appreciate what you are able to do. Please know that you are helping so many, no matter what you are able to do. Like you, I aslo have to take a look at what is best for my family, and move forward. Thanks again for all that you have done, it is has been so helpful!

CB said...

Definitely understand! Thanks for all of your hard work; I've appreciated every bit of it and will continue to drop by. =)

Melanie said...

Family is the most important thing. You have been an enormous help and I look forward to reading about the best deals in the future :)

cheapsk8mom said...

i'm not mad... i hear ya w/the no free time thing. that's why i only post what i DID at cvs.. i mean money saving mom, centsible sawyer, and slickdeals is where i read...
Plus those gals have the right idea... put one of those mr linky things up and let everyone just post what they found that way..

as for Meijer stuff... there's a pretty sweet set of deals out there... and it's not really sale-related. It's in the MealBox Q's on page 3.

$1.50 off 1 Taco Bell Dinner Kit or Salsa
... well the picture on the coupon is of a 10 pk of taco shells, so that's what i get. Those are priced at $1.30, so they're free.
... the salsa is $1.85 and so it's free too

$1.50 off 2 '4 serve' Jello
... well they're priced like .64 at my store - that's right folks.. more free food.

I posted it on my blog, just click my name and check it out.

As for how I find time to blog... I stay up pretty late at night... and I only post what I think is awesome. I like your blog, so if your posts are few and far between, it'll just make me look for them that much more.

Plus I know that I can find others with great blogs - they usually post a comment here!!

cheapsk8mom said...

arg... sorry..

... the salsa is $1.85 and so it's ALMOST free too

Brownie Troop 2092 said...

I'll be watching for posts! I am BRAND NEW to couponing and NEED someone to help me along with the Meijer deals. It's our major store and I've not found many people who post Meijer deals! I just found your site just now and am very grateful! THANKS SO MUCH!!

Dr. Mom said...

I have really enjoyed your blog and understand completely about how much time it takes! When I started mine I knew I would not be able to research deals (though I would have loved to) so I contribute when I have something great or come across a good recipe. I look forward to seeing your great deals! Thanks for all your hard work!

Andrea @ Mommy Snacks said...

It is time consuming! And, I commend you for "giving" into something. He is leading me in a direction right now that I'll wait and see :-)

Since I'm a local blogger, I invite all to come visit me too! I post on Kroger, Meijer, CVS and Walgreens. HCW is a great resource too but sometimes my friends tell me they get lost in the shuffle (which is why I started blogging in the first place).

I will definitely be checking here still for Kroger and Meijer because you always catch something that I miss!

Susan said...

You are a wise woman and I applaud your decision. You shouldn't be tied to this blog everyday, but it's fun to be able to share the excitement of a great bargin. I always pickup a deal or two from your Meijer post. Hopefully you'll still run in and post a deal or two now and then. God Bless.

Amy W said...

Jamie, I've been thinking about you a lot... and i was thinking, if you wanted to make this a colalborative effort, maybe you could start a post on each store and let us fill in the rest and share the responsibility of posting the deals. KWIM?

Then when others find the deal they can share with YOU and maybe we wont all have to scour the posts at the big mesasge boards.

Just an idea.


Jamie said...

Amy, I like that idea. I'll think about how to get that started. Should we just let people post their finds in the comments section or try using on of the Mr. Linky's things to others blogs, or maybe a combo of both? I tried the Mr. Linky thing one time and couldn't figure it out, so maybe someone can help me!!! I think that would be a great way to share some of the deals, thanks for the suggestion!!

Amy W said...

no idea i dont know anything about blogging, lol sorry!

Here's another kroger deal:

Turkey Hill Ice cream is 3/$10
I foudn coupons in my stacks for $1/1 and $1 /2
2.33 or 2.83 for a half gallon of ice cream isnt too bad!

sorry i cant tell you which inserts they were from.

cheapsk8mom said...

Meijer Kellogg's Cereal Deal.
Go here to print SIX Brick's printables for $1/1 Kellogg's Cereal. Also, go to Jamie's sidebar and print some of the same $1/1 Q's for Kelloggs.
Then head to the Meijer, "select varieties" are on sale for $2. Pictured in the ad was Fruit Loops and Raisin Bran. (Sale doesn't start for me till tomorrow, sorry i don't know what other varieties are on sale)
You'll get cereal for $1/box.
I think this would be a great way to use your $4 Glade Catalinas...

dougzwife said...

I can understand that! It is very time consuming!
I thank you for still putting up the Meijer deals! I don't have a Kroger or a CVS but I go to Meijer every week. So, thank you! :o)

Sarah Halter said...

I so hear you. Give me a few extra phone calls to make during the week and I feel overwhelmed and burdened by them. And they take less than half an hour!

If you're looking at ways to let others add deals, I would vote for adding them in the comments rather than a Mr. Linky. I wouldn't post them on my blog but I would certainly add a comment. I probably wouldn't read them from a Mr. Linky either.