Friday, October 17, 2008

Meijer - Glade Scented Oil Warmers

Have you done the Glade deal at Meijer??? If not, then why not??? Maybe you're just like me and a bit slow!! Well after I saw it mentioned here and elsewhere a few times, I finally decided to figure out what I needed to do to get it and it's such a great deal, I'm so glad I finally got my act together!!

So you go to Meijer and buy 2 Glade Scented Oil Warmers priced at 4.69. Use the buy one get one free coupon from the 9/28 Smartsource insert and you'll pay 4.69 for two. Then at the register you'll get two catalina's (coupon that prints at the register, good for your next order) for 4.00 each (a total of 8.00)!!! Wow!

Now, the next time you visit Meijer you can use them to buy milk, produce or meat (or whatever else you choose of course!!). It's a great way to get things inexpensively that don't usually have coupons.

I only had 2 of the coupons because they came in an insert while I was on vacation. Thanks to my Mom for giving me the two I have!! But I now have 16.00 in coupons to use just using the two that I had!!

So get out and get some Glade Warmers!!!


Sisters Savings said...

Did you do it today? I have been trying to get those and can't find them anywhere. Were they in stock? Great!

amybwest said...

Thansk Jamie!

I have been hoarding all of my air freshener coupons trying to figure out the deals and couldnt figure it out !
THanks so much!

amybwest said...

I wanted to share my walgreens trip from yesterday!

bought 1 oral b crossaction for 4.49 - 75c manu
got back a $4.50 RR

3 bounty basic towels on sale for 89c less 25c manu each = 64c x3= 1.92
6 Lindt 3.5 oz choc bars ( HUGE!)2.49 each less 3 B1G1 from a recent insert, less 3 75c from same insert, less $1 eacg WG coupon from the easy saver catalog = FREE plus 78c overage (would've been 14.94!!)
2 bonne bell lipsmackers- they rang up as $1.01 at my store (Not sure why but i didnt realzie it til i left , they should've been 90c)
used the $1/2 at
oh well... the 42c difference was covered by the overage in the lindt coupons

4 renuzit adjustable air fresheners that are on sale b1g1 ($1.79) in the ad used the 55c/3 coupon from the 8/10 or 10/05 SS making them 3.03
and then used the b3 renuzit adj g1 Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer Air Freshener Spray coupon from the 8/10 insert (I think)
those are on sale for b1g1 at walgreens so i got two free!

I then used the 4.50 RR from the oral b and paid
1.39 for all of the above!!!

I still need to go do my deals with the 5/25 though!

cheapsk8mom said...

love it.
Southbeach bars @ meijer for $2
use $2 printable, buy 2, and get catalina for $2 off next purchase.
Free + 2 bucks, lovely.
Printable here.

Jamie said...

I found them at the Fields Ertel store. There were still some of several varieties left. Hopefully you can find some!!

AmyW said...

I didnt make it. Do you know how long it is going on?

thanks again!

You have inspired me to start my own blog! hah!

andrea said...

i did the glade deal today!
they only had one warmer in stock, but i grabbed it real quick:)