Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stay Tuned - More Deals to Come!!

I have three posts I'm trying to get out in the next 24 hours so stay tuned!!  I'm going to post:

1.  Springboro Kmart is doing the Super Double Coupons and I went there this morning, so I'll share the details and some of the finds I got.

2.  Update on my Fall Family Fun Day complete with the requested pumpkin pie recipe.

3.  I stopped into Target today and saw a great Glade deal.  I'll share that as long as a little tip I found out as well!!

I'm trying to get to them, but I need to make dinner, clean up my house and fold some laundry!!  Please bare with me!!!  Hopefully late this evening or early tomorrow I'll have them finished!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

um... I'll come fold your laundry if you let me bring home some of that dinner!!! :)

Love your blog!

Cincy Friend