Friday, September 19, 2008

On the Road

I know I've apologized a ton this week, but I really am sorry for the lack of posting. I was only without power for 23 hours, so that's not my biggest excuse. I always plan a ton for my children's Birthday parties, so that took a lot of my time and then my parents are still without power right now and I've been helping them with laundry and a little bit of ice relief.

I am also currently sitting in a hotel only 5 miles from the Florida border on my way to Walt Disney World! That has taken tons of time to prepare for since I saved most of the prep work for after my daughter's party. But alas, I should be able to post some deals this week when I get a chance, so thanks again for being patient and come October, things should be back to normal!!
Have a great weekend and hopefully not a windy and dark one!!


Amy said...

Enjoy your vacation! I Hope that you & your family have lots of fun!

Lura said...

Hope your trip is great! Say hi to Buzz and Woody for us!