Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunday September 14th, A Whirlwind Day!!

Yay, I have power again!!!

Boy what a whirlwind (pun intended!!) weekend that was!! We had scheduled our daughter's 6th Birthday party for Sunday evening and wow, did that turn out to be exciting!! About half our guests made it to the party although the lights were out and we couldn't cook food in the kitchen. We were able to grill up some burgers and hotdogs and luckily I had put in a big Stouffer's Mac N Cheese in the oven when the lights started flickering and by the time we needed it (about 3 hours later) the oven had been hot enough to keep it nice and toasty in there! So we had burgers, hotdogs, mac n cheese and potato chips! Plus the cupcakes I made!! It turned out to be a very nice and very memorable party!!

But now I'm very behind in my posts! I still need to do CVS, Meijer and Kroger, which I will try to get done today. Now that the power is on, there's other things I need to get done as well like laundry because I need to pack for vacation! We're leaving for Walt Disney World on Friday and won't be back until Wednesday October 1st! So the next few weeks, the posts on here will probably be sparse due to my getting ready for vacation and during the actual vacation. I will have the laptop with me, so hopefully I can get up the stores deals for the weeks I'm gone!!

So anyway, check back here today for the 3 stores deals post (that's if you have power and can find a store to shop at!!). I'll post them all under this post, so everyone can see this post at the top! Thanks for your patience!! I hope everyone is safe and rode out the storm ok and that all of our power will be back on soon!!


Milk Donor Mama said...

No power at my house in Columbus :(

It's been 48 hours now. So my kitchen freezer items- we'll grill tonight and then any meat that thaws will have to be tossed. The freezer is full.

I also have a chest freezer in my basement. We haven't opened either freezer.

We were told our power would be out until Sunday! :(

AddictedToCoupons said...

We feel your pain. We are in Cincy too and just got our power back on tonight - finally! Just found out today that CVS is offering an advisor panel for an opportunity to earn free ECB points. Might be old news to you but if not, here is the link!


Tosha said...

How did you get so lucky to have power back on the same day? We were w/o electricity until wednesday-76 hrs! Not fun at all!That's great that you were still able to have your daughter's birthday party. Mine would have been so disappointed if the weather ruined hers. She is already saying "stupid wind"(she's 5)! She had to miss 3 days of school this week too.