Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update, Sorry So Late

I'm sorry, I just can't get it together this week. I'm running around doing tons of different things and unfortunately I just don't have time to shop let alone post the deals. So here's a few links to bloggers who have posted deals for this week.

MoneySavingMom posted CVS and Walgreens deals

StretchingABuck posted Kroger and Meijer deals (note, she uses Columbus ads and coupon policies so a few of the deals may be a bit different)

Again, I'm sorry, thanks for your patience!!


Sisters Savings said...

Hopefully you are recovering well...That sort of knocked us Cincy people out..I guess Ohioans in general out! Well, good luck with the recovery! We experienced a small amount of what it seems others did! Hopefully it will all calm soon! Good luck and great job with the blog!!!
Deal shopping seems pretty low on the priority list as does just shopping in general! =)

Sisters Savings said...

Sorry, I thought about what I wrote, (I always second guess everything), not we as in "us cincy people" but we as in, our family, our household..Hope I wasn't discounting what you guys went through!!!=)

Amy said...

It has been crazy this week in Cincy!!! I hope that everything gets better for you! I also wanted to let you know that I have also posted deals this week, over at my blog! Thanks!