Sunday, September 7, 2008

Meijer - Update on Deals for Week of 9/7

I visited Meijer today and found a few more things to note:

Spray 'N Wash is 1/2 price. If you get the Max variety, you can use the .75 off 1 coupon from the 8/3 Smartsource insert to get it for under .40. Or use the .50 off 1 coupon for any variety, from the 9/7 Smartsource insert to get it at that price as well.

I got Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner for .04 after sale and coupon, the Lysol disinfecting wipes for .24 after sale and coupon and the Lysol Kitchen Spray for .14 after sale and coupon.

The new Land O Lakes Fresh Buttery Spread coupon is actually .55 off 1, so when it doubles the butter will be free. Plus when you buy 2 you get a coupon for .75 off your next order!!

I bought 2 boxes of Kellogg's cereal that is sale priced at 1.88. I used the 1.00 off 2 coupon to make it 2.76 (1.38 each) and then I got a coupon for 1.00 off my next order for buying those two!!

Lauren commented that you can get a coupon for 1.00 off your next order when you buy 3 Green Giant Boxed Vegetables, but I bought 4 tonight and did not get the coupon. Maybe it's a regional thing or something, I'm not sure.

The Trauth Ice Cream is sale priced at 2.74 and after the 1.00 off 1 coupon is 1.74.

Well, I just wanted to give a little update, I hope everyone has a great shopping week!!


Shayleen Lunt said...

Thanks so much for the update...what a great shopping week ahead!

Tosha said...

I also bought the gg boxed veggies(6) and didnt get the catalina. The shelves even had the tag saying I would? I think my register's cat machine must have been out of paper or broken, I did the sb diet cat deal too and didn't get anything.