Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walgreens - $5 off $20

Walgreens has put out yet another coupon good only tomorrow June 13th.  This one is $5 off a $20 order.  Just so you know, when I went in to use the $5 off $20 from last time, the system would only take the coupon as long as my total AFTER manufacturer and other Walgreens coupons was over $20.  It was a manager that rang me up and he said he would override it if he could, but he couldn't.  So I had to go shopping again and find more stuff to buy!!  I did end up getting a great deal, but I would've liked to have not spent that much out of pocket!  This was the Walgreens on Mason-Montgomery Rd.

Click here to get your coupon!

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Amy said...

wow! sorry they couldnt take the coupon first! The inconsistency of coupon rules drives me nuts !

Maybe try the one on 42 and Western Row.

I used that $10 off 30 a few weeks ago at that one. They took all of my coupons.
I bought 3 packs of huggies ($1 coupon on each plus they accidentally entered a 4th $1 off that i didnt realize til li got home), 1 body wash that i had a free coupon for (3.49) and two toy items ( the kids were with me!) for $1.99 each.
After the manu coupons it was only $28.45 but they scanned the 10/30 off first. The cashier even handed it back to me and said it was good all day if i wanted to use it again! SHOCKED!