Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bigg's - My trip for the $5 meat deal

If you haven't gone to Bigg's yet for the great meat deal, what are you waiting for??? I stopped in yesterday, just to see if it was really as good as it seemed and sure enough it was even better than I hoped.

In five transactions (you can only do one deal per transaction) I got the following:
7 one pound packages of ground beef
5 one pound packages of Tyson boneless skinless chicken breasts
5 Mrs. T's pierogies

and I only paid $7.42 for all of it!!

The $5 off meat just automatically comes off as you scan them in the register.  It's so easy!!  I used 1.00 off coupons for the pierogies (you have to buy one box of Mrs. T's Quick Ones pierogies per order to get the $5 off).  The coupons are from the 3/16 and 6/1 Valassis inserts. 

 Also, the chicken breasts were almost at their sale by dates so they had 2.00 coupons stuck to them.  It was an awesome deal.  I went again this morning and did two transactions (I used the self-scan aisles, everything worked wonderfully and it was quick) and got today 2 more packages of ground beef and 2 packages of pork chops.  I still have several more coupons so I'll be going again this weekend for sure!!  The deal runs through Sunday!!

Even if you don't have coupons it's still a great deal because you buy the $2 pierogies and get $5 off the meat.  So when you pay $2 you can get a box of pierogies and $5 worth of meat!  That's still an awesome deal!!

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Under the Florida Sun said...

Hi there. Just stopping by. I saw your entry at Frugal Friday.

Looks like your doing a great job saving money!!

Hope to be back to visit again soon.

Amy West said...

Thanks again for sharing this!
I was able to order coupons for the pierogies from the coupon clippers site and went again yesterday with 6 coupons.
I did this TEN times total! We got ground round, ground turkey, and STEAKS! I spent less than $15 and got at least 12 lbs of ground round, 2 plgs ground turkey, and 14 (small) steaks! Probably more cuz i lost count! LOL!
I was also about to share with my sister and my inlaws ( my freezer is small)
Your blog is truly a blessing. I am so thankful I met you at CVS that day!