Monday, June 2, 2008

Bigg's - Mrs. T's Pierogies and $5 off meat

This is my first post for Bigg's!  I had to post it because it's so good!!  I don't know a whole lot about shopping at Bigg's because I haven't done it very much.  I know that they don't double coupons which is probably why I have chose to shop at other stores mostly.  However if you have a $1 coupon for something, like in this case, you can still get good deals!!  So I will start scouring the Bigg's ad for great deals to share!!

Here's the deal:
Buy a Mrs. T's Quick Ones (pierogies) for 2.00 and receive $5 off any fresh meat purchase instantly at checkout!!  Plus we got coupons for 1.00 off the Quick Ones yesterday in the 6/1 Valassis insert.  So you pay $1 for the pierogies and get $5 off any fresh meat purchase instantly!  That seems like a great deal!  I'll be checking that one out for myself!!

If you find any good deals at Bigg's please share with us!!

Edited to Add:
I just saw in yesterday's newspaper that the Bigg's at Cincinnati Mills is closing and they are liquidating their inventory.  It says in the ad that grocery prices are up to 75% off!!


Amy West said...

wow, thanks! I dont like Bigg's either - especially since they dont bag your groceries! but this deal is SO worth it! thanks!
do you know if there is a limit?

Jamie said...

The ad in the newspaper does not show a limit. I guess we'll have to see what it says in the store.

amy west said...

Just wanted to share that I went today. They said the limit is 1. I am assuming "per customer" so I guess I'll have to be a customer again tomorrow !

Jamie said...

Amy, thanks for letting us know. I still haven't gotten there yet this week, hopefully today I'll make it!!