Friday, June 27, 2008

CVS - July Monthly Deals

Here's the July ECB deals for CVS.  Remember once you reach the limit on these deals, that's it for the month!
Get .99 in ECB's when you buy CVS pantiliners 22ct @ .99.  So free after ECB's.  Limit 2

Get 1.49 in ECB's when you buy CVS tampons 5ct @ 1.49.  So free after ECB's.  Limit 2

Get $5 ECB's when you buy both Bic Soleil Razor AND 4 ct cartridges both priced at 6.99.  Use two of the 4.00 off 1 coupons from the 6/23 Smartsource.  So 2 @ 6.99= 13.98.  Minus 8.00 in coupons = paying only 5.98 in ECB's or cash and getting back $5 in ECB's.  Limit 4.  There is a rumor that this deal may not actually be as good because CVS may have packaged the razor and cartridges together and priced them at 13.98, which would only allow you to use one coupon.  However the picture in the ad, shows the items separate.  So we'll just have to see how this one goes.  

That's really all that's good that I see at this point.  It's a pretty slow month.  I guess they figure most people are out having fun in the summer, instead of shopping CVS.  I know I personally like to do both!!  But like, I said in the weekly post, I"ll keep looking for more and more deals, and please post any deals you find as well!


Marcy said...

Jamie - thanks for stopping by and commenting this week. This comment has nothing to do with CVS, but I wanted to tell you that I tried the Monkey Munch recipe and it is awesome! Have a great weekend! :)

Andrea said...

I just found ya from Mommin it Up! It's so great to see another Cincy blogger :-) I also do the Meijer/Kroger/CVS/Wags deals on my blog too - great minds think alike!!