Sunday, June 1, 2008

Target - Gillette Razors

There's a great deal on razors this week at Target.  When you buy 2 Gillette Fusion Power or Venus Embrace razors you get a $10 gift card to use on your next purchase.  They are priced at 9.44.  We got coupons today (6/1) in the P&G insert for $4.00 off the Fusion and $2 off the Venus.  We also have a Target coupon for $2 off the Venus from a recent insert which can be combined with the $2 off coupon from today's paper because one is a Target coupon and one is a manufacturer coupon.  

For two Fusions:
Buy 2 Fusions = 18.88 (+tax)
Use two $4 off coupons.
Pay 10.88 (+tax)
Get a $10 gift card back!

For two Venus's:
Buy 2 Venus's = 18.88 (+tax)
Use two $2 off manufacturer coupons
Use two $2 Target coupons
Pay 10.88 (+tax)
Get a $10 gift card back!

For one of each:
Buy 1 Fusion
Buy 1 Venus
Total = 18.88 (+tax)
Use 1 $4 off coupon for the Fusion
Use 1 $2 off manufacturer coupon for the Venus
Use 1 $2 off Target coupon also for the Venus
Pay 10.88 (+tax)
Get a $10 gift card back!

Now if that wasn't good enough, you can keep doing this deal for however many coupons you have and after the first time, you'll have a $10 gift card to use, so you'll only have to pay .88 (+tax) per order!!!  That's an awesome deal on some really great razors!!  Once this deal gets out, the razors will start to disappear, so get out there and get yours before they're gone!!!

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