Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meijer - Super Saturday Sale 6/14

Meijer's in the Cincinnati area are once again having a super sale on Saturday 6/14.  I found two things that might make great deals.

1. Buy two 6-pack bottles of 7-up, RC, A&W or Sunkist drinks and get three free!  So you pay for two and take home five!!

2.  Aunt Millies Honey Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns are buy one get two free.  They are usually priced around 3.00 normally.  You should be able to use at least one coupon for .35 off 1 (.70 when doubled) from recent insert.  So:
For one coupon used:
Buy 3 = 3.00
Use .35 coupon = .70
Pay 2.30 for 3 (which is .77 each).

Or if using 3 coupons (as long as store allows)
Buy 3 = 3.00
Use three .35 coupons (two will double to .70, one will remain .35) = 1.75
Pay 1.25 (which is .42 each!).

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BOGO said...

good, i am glad they are having this. i have been wanting to plan a ginormous trip to the grocery. i am out of everything. I will go straight after our 9 am tball game. thank you. i want that pop for our t ball party!