Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Update - Coupons and KMart


I'm really sorry if you've checked back here a few times (or alot!!) over the past week or so and have seen the same boring coffee creamer post!! I'm pretty bogged down right now, with, well....just life I guess!! My computer time lately has been spent working on gifts for the family and when I'm not doing that, we're doing our lessons (homeschool), shopping, cleaning and tomorrow we're adding in baking!!

I did shop Kroger and Meijer this week and didn't think there was really anything awesome. They both have fresh produce on sale. Kroger has Tyson boneless skinless chicken breast for 1.77 per pound. Overall, it just wasn't much, which was really fine for me because I haven't clipped my coupons in two weeks and I just can't do it right now!!

Now that it's a new month, most of the online coupon sites have changed coupons. You can just scroll down to see on the right side of the blog here a list of printable sites to check. even has some for Star Wars toys!!

I know the regular coupons haven't been too great the last few weeks, but we should be getting at least two inserts this week, so hopefully it'll make up for the shortage!!

KMart is doing super doubles again this week. Which means they will double any coupon up to 2.00, but will not go over the price of the item. You may want to call ahead to your store and be sure they're doing it before you leave!!

Well if I find any great deals I'll be sure and share them with you, otherwise, have a great week and Merry Christmas!!!


Michelle said...

I watch your blog a great deal because I'm still new to blogging and getting used to it. My family and I are in Lex. KY and quite often we share similar deals at Krogers and Meijer so I'm always curious to see what you get. In case I've missed something. Was starting to wonder this morning if things were ok because the creamer was still sitting there :)

Sorry to hear things are crazy but it sounds like a good crazy!

AmyW said...

Glad to see you back! You have been missed!

The meijer deal on hanes and levis and kelloggs isnt too bad!

I did them all yesterday.

buy 3 hanes items get $10 off instantly.
I bought 3 packs of boys socks for 3.99 each = 11.97 - $10 = $1.97 for 3 pks of socks!!!

1 per order, so i did a 2nd transaction and got mens tshirts, boys tshirts and boys underwear. Not as good but came to $14 after the deal.

I also had 2 50c coupons (doubled) from previous pkgs so that helped by $2!!

Levi's deal - buy 2 pair get a $10 off coupon for next time. ( I used it on my 2nd transaction)
Boys are on sale for $12.99! ( but not all sizes were ringing up correctly so make sure you check with someone in that dept to help you out. Miriam at the Tylersville store helped me! )
So 2 pair for $12.99 each - i bought one pair for the name we drew at church and 1 for my son for later. comes out to be $16 for 2 pair of jeans after i used the $10 towards groceries.

buy 4 kelloggs special k or frosted miniwheats original 4/$10and get a free gal of milk.
use one of the numerous kelloggs coupons that are out (printables and inserts) and pay $6 for 4 boxes of cereal and a gal of milk.

There's also an IP for $1 off produce (i found it from when you buy 2 special k or miniwheats.
so i got almost 3lbs of bananas free! they are on sale for 38c/lb

4 cereals, 3 lbs bananas and 1 gal milk for $6! woo hoo!

AmyW said...

oh and poptarts are $1.33
there was a recent 55c off couoin doubled to $1
yay! 33c for poptarts!

I dont update my blog very often either, but I am pretty sure we shop in the same general area so maybe it will help you out.