Monday, December 22, 2008

Kroger - Cuties Clementines

3 Pound Bags of Cuties Clementines are 2.99 at Kroger this week.  If you use the .55 off 1 coupon from the 12/7 Smartsource insert, they'll only be 1.99 after the coupon doubles to 1.00.  That comes out to only .66 per pound!
My family loves these, in fact I've bought a total of 11 pounds of them in the last 2 weeks!!   My son doesn't enjoy regular oranges because of the high amounts of pulp, but he loves these.  They are super sweet and yummy and smaller sized to make great snacks for kids and adults.  

Even our chocolate lab is gaga over them!!  We dropped a piece and she quickly snatched it up and now whenever she sees us opening one, she immediately comes over to beg.  Unfortunately for her, her puppy dog eyes don't work all that often!!!


Crys said...

Jamie, do you know if you can freeze these?? we love them too but I have 8 coupons and wouldn't want them to go bad.

Jamie said...


I'm not sure, but I googled it and saw that someone peeled them and froze them and had success with that. So it's worth a try!!

Crys said...

cool thanks Jamie!