Monday, November 3, 2008

Kroger - Deals for Week of 11/03 - It's a Mega Event!!!

Here it is!! My Kroger haul for today!! I ended up going to two Krogers (only about 8 miles apart and since I only paid 1.86 for gas yesterday I could afford to visit two!!!) and did a total of 3 orders. They are doing a Mega Event where you get 5.00 off your order automatically when you buy 10 participating products. So basically you get an extra .50 off each item when you buy 10. You're allowed to do 3 sets per transaction which is 30 items. So I did a two orders with 30 items each and one order with 20 items for a total of 80 items. I also found a few other great deals as well. Go ahead and make your guess now as to how much all this cost me. I'll reveal the total at the end!!

First the freebies:
12 3L Ice Mountain Waters - free after sale and coupon (1.00 off 2)
10 Tylenol PM - free after sale and coupon (2.00 off 1)
2 Tylenol Rapid Release Gels - free after sale and coupon (2.00 off 1)
12 Quaker Oats - free after sale and coupon (.50 off 1)
4 Carnation Evaporated Milks - free after sale and coupon (.50 off 2)
4 Colgate Toothpastes - free after sale and coupon (.75 off 1)
8 Bic Silky Touch Disposable Razors 10pk - free after sale and coupon (2.00 off 1)
*Not part of the Mega Event: 10 Mighty Dog Cans - free after get one free coupons and 1 Hamburger Helper - free after coupon found on box of Betty Crocker Potatoes for a free Hamburger Helper when you buy 3 Potatoes.

Total Amount of Free Items = 63!!!

Second - Items under .50 after sale and coupon:
8 Dial Soaps - .40 each after sale and coupon (.30 off 1)
2 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolates - .25 each after coupon (.50 off 2)
4 Betty Crocker Potatoes - two .30 each and two .20 each after sale and coupon (.35 off 1 and .40 off 1 printable).

Total Amount of Under .50 Items = 14

Third - All the Rest!
4 Toaster Streudels - .80 each after sale and coupon (.35 off 1)
4 Bags of Nestle Morsels - 1.00 each after sale and coupon (.50 off 1)
2 two packs of Duracell Batteries - 1.25 each after sale, paper coupon (.75 off 1) and P&G E-coupon (.50 off 1).
2 5lb Bags of Domino Sugar - 1.00 each after sale and coupon (.50 off 1)
2 Tony's Pizza - 1.50 each after sale (no coupon).
*Not part of Mega Event - Kroger Saltines .97 and 1 gallon of Organic Milk for 1.00 (expires today) which I plan to make homemade yogurt with and probably some pudding!!

Total of These Items = 16

Total Amount of Items All Together is 93. Regular Price for all of these items would total 220.73 and I paid...........

$24.55!!! For a savings of 89%!!!!

Wow thank you Lord for such bountiful blessings, I am always amazed at how good you are to me!!!!

PS: Thank you too Kroger for running a great sale, I appreciate you!


AmyW said...

That's great Jamie!
Praise God for coupons and sales!

And thank you so much for sharing your deals. Now I know what coupons to dig out!

I wont be going til later this week. Friday is payday!

I did go last night and get my papers- still 99c- and a couple of other things.
I got the 3 buddies again free with the catalina and got ANOTHER $3 coupon. I think I have 28 of these now, but I am saving them for a charity drive thing.

TriState Saver said...

I love Kroger!!!

I got 39 items total. 20 in the $5/10 deal. I spent a total of $14 and change!!!

Also, there was a crest prohealth toothpaste deal. Buy 2/$5 get a $2 catalina. After ecoupon from pg and 2 $1 off prints. I got 2 free crest prohealth toothpastes and $1 overage!!

I put up an itemized list and a pic for my trip. I'm compliling a
2nd trip and I see a few on yours I will gave to go get this week!

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Very cool! I'm getting ready to head out tonight! Thanks for the extra motivation!

Andrea @ Mommy Snacks said...

Kroger was rockin' this week! I was so excited. I haven't gotten that excited over a sale in a looong time!

Marcy said...

I can't wait to go tomorrow! Did you get a bunch of sweet coupons in the mail from Kroger today? It was like Christmas at my house...not sure what "list" I got on, but I'll take it! :-)

Kami said...

I love Kroger and am from the Cincy area. Thankfully they have Kroger down here in Texas as well!! I'm going tomorrow when my kids are ALL in school. :)

Dr. Mom said...

That is awesome!!! Don't you just love Kroger?! BTW, I just wanted to tell you that I gave your Blog an Award! I hope you accept it! Have a great day. Trina @ Frugal Dr. Mom.

Katy F. said...

Hello! I was wondering how you ended up getting the Colgate for free. My Kroger has them in the paper for $1.50 (50 cents off when you buy enough items), so if you used the $0.75 coupon, that would make each $0.25 after the $5 discount for buying ten items. Did you have a shortcut coupon loaded on your card or something? I'm just curious!

Jamie said...

Katy, Our Kroger doubles coupons. Coupons under .50 double, coupons between .50 and .99 double to 1.00 and coupons over .99 are just redeemed at face value. So for us the .75 coupon doubled to 1.00 making them free!! I hope that makes sense!!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful guide - thank you! I'm just confused on one thing. When you purchased 10 of the same item and got them all free, you only listed one coupon. Did you have 10 copies of the same coupon or am I missing something?

Jamie said...

Yeah I had a coupon for every item that I listed, so in that case I had 10 of them. I usually buy 6 to 10 newspapers a week, plus my mom gives me two more sets of the inserts, so I usually have 8-10 copies of most of my coupons. Hope that helps!!

Tara in Ohio said...

Awesome deals! Can you please tell what paper the Ice mtn water and the Quaker Oats came from? I have searched all my papers, and can't find the Oats one!!

Also, Dove icecream is a pretty decent deal if you LOVE it!! There are coupons inside some of the boxes (marked on the outside "$3 of coupons"). You will have to buy a few, then go to your car and cut them out, but the $2 q on pint icecream makes it free or .50. And it is sooo good!

Jamie said...

The oats coupon is from the 9/7 Redplum insert and the water one is from the 8/24 Redplum. I hope that helps!!! And thanks for the tip on the ice cream, that is a great deal!!

Heather said...


Thanks so much for your post. I saved 53%! One deal that you didn't mention:

The large Hunt's tomatoes are $1.50 and part of the mega event. There's a $0.40 off two coupon from one of the papers, an online $1.00 off two coupon, and an eSaver for $1.00 off 5 cans of Hunt's tomatoes.

Thank you for your blog -- it's been so helpful to me!

Candace said...

Thanks Jamie,

I got some great deals - thanks for the post!


NeedANap2 said...

Thanks for posting all of this! :) Am I the only person who can't get the Betty Crocker website to pull up? I get an error when trying to click on your link (even if I type in or google I get an error). Something is very wrong in the world if I can't get my potato coupon!! :)

Jamie said...


Yeah, something must not be working right, because I clicked on the link and it worked for me. I'm sorry about that. I don't know why it wouldn't work for you. I sometimes have trouble opening pages too. I know it's very frustrating. I wish I could help more.

Is anyone else having trouble or could offer advice?

Ann said...

I am soo jealous of all of the Kroger shopper bloggers! I stumbled across your blog and am from St Louis! We used to have Kroger's when I was a kid, but they seemed to have left the area and never came back :(