Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why It's So Slow Around Here

Well it's one of those weeks again!!

We just started back to doing our lessons again this week, I don't like the word "school" ;), and we're already planning a big "field trip"!!  Well my son turns 9 this Sunday and his absolute love in life is Lego's.  We've already taken him to the Lego store in Orlando (Downtown Disney) many times and even to Legoland in California.  Well this time we wanted to stay close to home, but still surprise him with a "Lego Trip", so we're going to Chicago!!  (Yes, I'm aware of how cold it will be and am making preparations for that!!)   They have a Lego Store and a Legoland Discovery Center which has some hands on activities, a small ride, and a few other things, that I think he will love.  We had his party this past Sunday and most of the people who came got him Lego Gift Cards, or just money to use there, and he ended up with $210 to spend in the Lego store!!  WOW!!!  That should be fun!!

And since we're going to Chicago, we thought it would be fun to visit some of the great museums and attractions while we're there.  We're leaving Friday and will be back on Monday.  Our trip has actually become very frugal.  My husband periodically travels for work, so we have enough hotel points for two nights at a hotel and for our third night, we used Priceline and got a great hotel for only $52 after tax and everything.  So for three nights, we only have to pay $52 bucks!! 

 Also, we already have a pass to the Cincinnati Museum Center which allows us to use that pass at many museums across the country for free admission there (what a great benefit!!).  So we'll be using that to go to the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium and the Museum of Science and Industry all for free!!

We're also going to the Sears tower (not so frugal!!), having some yummy deep dish Chicago pizza and driving by Wrigley Field!!  So for about $400 (including gas, food and transit passes) we can have a 3 night, 4 day trip to Chicago!!  I think that's a pretty frugal vacation, especially considering how much we're doing while we're there!!

So anyway, with that being said, I'm a little busy with preparations for that as well as our lessons, so I haven't gotten a chance to post any deals yet, but I will try to get some up today, there are a few good ones!!  Sorry!!  


Candace said...

Hi Jamie,

Just wanted to let you know if you get to Indy any time soon there is a new Lego Exhibit opening at The Children's Museum. It's called Lego Castle Adventure. You can read about it here:

Have fun. My son's a lego junkie too!


Jamie said...

Ooooh Candace, Thank you so much for that!! We'll definitely look into that!!!

kate. said...

Hi Jamie,

FYI, the Museum of Science and Industry has free admission from now until Jan. 31! Also, you'll catch the beginning of the new temporary exhibit, Black Creativity's "Green Revolution." It opens tomorrow.

Stay warm!

Lura said...

What a great deal! Sounds like a fun trip!

andrea said...

oh wow! sounds like an awesome trip!
i went to chicago for my senior trip in high school I LOVED IT!!:)
hope you have a great time!
stay warm:)

Kristen said...

Thank you for this great idea! We have 2 birthdays close together in March and we are about 3.5 hours south of Chicago. Doing this for the birthdays is going to be great!

If only we could get the free museum admission, that is such a GREAT deal! Have fun!

Dr. Mom said...

Stop by, I have an award for you!